With their lightweight, slim design and long battery life, X Series laptops travel easily, whether to another meeting or another country. Yet with their legendary ThinkPad performance, you sacrifice nothing in return.

  1. New X1 Carbon Ultrabook

    Our premium new 14" Ultrabook™ with durable, yet light, carbon-fiber construction, extended battery life, enhanced storage options, & optional multitouch with premium display choices.

  2. Thinkpad X240

    12.5" Ultrabook™ with Power Bridge technology for extended life between charges and vPro technology for manageability.

  3. Thinkpad-x1-carbon

    The 2nd generation of our premium 14" Ultrabook™ for the uncompromising road-warrior; thin & light, yet durable with carbon-fiber construction, it features an Adaptive Keyboard & extended battery life.

  4. ThinkPad X250 Laptops

    New:12.5" Ultrabook™ inspired by Intel – the ultimate portable business PC, with full connectivity, optional touch capacity, and a complete set of ports, including legacy.

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Decades of innovation focused on the needs of business users has made ThinkPad the laptop of choice for large enterprises and small businesses alike. These durable, reliable, high-performance machines have a rich history of helping users achieve remarkable goals.