60 Million ThinkPads Sold

Lenovo celebrates latest ThinkPad milestone

This month, ThinkPad gives everyone at Lenovo 60 million reasons to celebrate.

That huge number is the total of ThinkPads that have been sold since this legendary product line was first released 18 years ago.

Lenovo is marking this sales milestone worldwide and designating a new ThinkPad T410s produced in October as the 60 millionth ThinkPad.  This particular ThinkPad will spend time at Lenovo’s worldwide customer centers, a lasting tribute to this milestone and Lenovo’s technical excellence.

The first ThinkPad – the 700C – debuted in October, 1992, and had many of the features that still make ThinkPads so easy to recognize:  a red Track Point on the keyboard and the overall look of a sleek, black box.

That debut came before the term “notebook computer” was well-known.  And while the ThinkPad wasn’t the first portable PC, it was new, drew a lot of attention and has been on the leading edge of technology ever since.

ThinkPad has gone on to become one of the most-honored PC products of all time.  In addition to thousands of awards for both engineering and design excellence, the ThinkPad earned a spot in Museum of Modern Art’s design collection.

That history of excellence stems from the ThinkPads deep roots in innovation.  ThinkPad innovation has led to a long list of industry firsts, including:

  • First notebook with an integrated biometric fingerprint reader for greater security
  • First notebook to feature a seven row keyboard
  • First notebook with integrated CD-ROM/DVD ROM
  • First ThinkLight, a "nighttime" light to illuminate the keyboard
  • First notebook with integrated Wi-Fi certified wireless LAN
  • First sub-three pound notebook with full sized keyboard
  • First notebook with an embedded security chip
  • First notebook with hard drive "'air-bag" protection
  • First notebook to be certified by the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance
  • First notebook to feature an integrated biometric fingerprint reader 
  • First notebook with an extended battery life of up to 11 hours

The innovation continues to this day.  WIRED magazine, in a rave review of the ThinkPad T410s, described it as being a “near-perfect machine.”  That review comes a few years after a cover story in BusinessWeek called the ThinkPad X300 “the perfect laptop.”

Combine the innovation excellence with exceptional engineering and increasing sales and its easy to see why ThinkPad’s best days are still in the future.