Lenovo U Series

Ultraportable Style.
Up-to-the-Minute Technology.
Your laptop-lugging days are over. U Series laptops are light, stylish, and built for speed.
IdeaPad U510 Ultrabook laptop
Ultra-Smart Engineering
Ultra-Smart Engineering.
All the elements of style
All the Elements of Style.
Smart technology you can count on
Smart Technology You Can Count On.
Rest easy with rich features
Rest Easy With Rich Features.
IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook laptop
Sleek, Thin, and Responsive.
Always on-the-go? Are exquisite design, ultra-mobility, and smart technology on your must-have list? Our U Series laptops and Ultrabooks are incredibly slim, sport cutting-edge, performance-enhancing features, and boast long battery life.

For too long, laptop consumers have had to either choose between world-class design and effective performance — or pay a hefty premium to combine the two. But with the IdeaPad U Series, you can finally have it all.

What's more, you're not stuck with a small screen with U Series notebooks and Ultrabooks. The line includes ultraportable laptops with screen sizes up to 15.6 inches.
  • Laptops start at less than 1.32 kg/3 lbs and a slender 14 mm/0.59 in.
  • Newer models include USB 3.0 for fast data transfer.
  • Sleek, elegant, ultraportable designs.
  • Ultra-thin LED displays deliver crisp, clear images.
  • Enjoy notebook content on a compatible big screen wirelessly with Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) technology, available on more recent models.
  • Select models boast an Intelligent Touchpad, a glass touchpad with easy scroll, zoom, and rotate features.
  • Optional solid-state drives (SSDs) speed up boot times and optimize performance.
  • Unique combinations of rich textures and high-quality materials.
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles.
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Ultra-Smart Engineering.
Fueled by the latest processors from Intel®, IdeaPad U Series notebooks and Ultrabooks spare nothing in delivering a dazzling user experience. Every component of these laptops has been carefully thought out and precisely engineered.

Type in comfort and with confidence. All IdeaPad U Series laptops feature ergonomic keyboards; more recent models boast Lenovo's acclaimed AccuType keypad — which helps make your typing both easier on the wrists and more accurate.

Choose a model with a breathable keyboard powered by Intel® Advanced Cooling Technology — which dissipates heat through the keypad — to enjoy cool, comfortable laptop computing.

Delight in your down-time. Most IdeaPad U Series laptops feature HD displays that deliver dazzling visuals. Meanwhile, advanced sound technology — including Dolby® Home Theater or SRS Surround Sound, depending on the model — fuels a rich, immersive audio experience.

Up the ante. For the best possible PC experience, choose a Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 for Windows® 7-certified model. EE3 laptops use RapidBoot to boot up substantially faster than other Windows 7 PCs. BootShield maintains fast boot performance even after installing multiple applications. In addition, EE3-certified laptops are optimized for multimedia. Learn more >
IdeaPad U Series U510 Ultrabooks Laptops
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IdeaPad U Series U310 Ultrabooks Laptops
All the Elements of Style.
IdeaPad U Series notebooks and Ultrabooks feature a slim, book-shaped design that represents a hallmark of artistic engineering and carefully chosen materials. They illustrate the relentless attention to detail that separates a forgettable consumer product from a memorable work of art.

U Series laptops' award-winning design incorporates distinctive colors and textures, subtle patterns, and a streamlined, contemporary look. And it's all driven by science and smart technology — breathable keyboards, for example, reduce the need for vents on the bottom, producing both a more sophisticated appearance and a PC that stays cool on your lap.

In short, an IdeaPad U Series notebook is both a pleasure to use and something you can be proud to be seen using.
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Smart Technology You Can Count On.
Lenovo U Series laptops are gorgeous to look at, but they're about far more than sophisticated design. They also raise the bar on durability and reliability, two areas where Lenovo has long been a market leader.

For one thing, U Series notebooks use long-life batteries that keep you productive even when you spend long hours away from an AC power source. Lenovo Energy Management goes a step further, carefully orchestrating power management and battery use to get the most out of every charge.

What's more, select U Series laptops are powered by ultra-low voltage processors specifically designed to maximize energy efficiency.

Finally, U Series laptops' real metal casing makes them strong and reliable. Couple that with Lenovo's Active Protection System™, available on select models, and you have an added layer of safety if your notebook is jostled or dropped.
IdeaPad U410 Ultrabook laptop
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IdeaPad U300e Ultrabook laptop
Rest Easy With Rich Features.
When it comes to security, you can leave your worries behind: Most U Series models boast VeriFace® face-recognition technology. With your face as your password, you can rest easy that unauthorized users can't access your data. Other models include fingerprint readers — you log in with a simple swipe of your finger.

What's more:
  • OneKey® Recovery gives you peace of mind — you can bounce back from viruses with the touch of a button.
  • Choose a model with Lenovo's ReadyComm software to enjoy a single, intuitive interface for creating, managing, and sharing internet connections.
  • Lenovo's award-winning service and support team is there for you under our LenovoCare program. Opt for an upgrade for even more peace of mind.
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Windows 8
Windows 8
Beautiful, fast, fluid. Windows 8 has been reimagined to be all about you. Put what matters most right on your Start screen, and get instant access to your people, apps, and stuff, so you can spend less time searching and more time Doing.
Lenovo Enhanced Experience 8
Enhanced Experience 8 Rediscover the PC with Lenovo and Windows 8.
Interact: touch, type, click, or wave. Connect: anywhere, anytime. Discover: new uses & a world of apps.
Lenovo Services
Lenovo offers a portfolio of services to support and protect your IdeaPad investment. Lenovo Services help you go the distance with your PC, saving you from unexpected repair costs. Available services include in-home repair, warranty extensions, and accidental damage protection.
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IdeaPad U Series laptop
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