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External Components & Design

An AccuType keyboard features a modern look and feel. Its flatter keys with a slight inward slope creates a comfortable crevace for your fingertips; this design allows a more fluid, spacious and comfortable typing experience when compared to standard keyset designs.

Browse our selection of IdeaPad laptops featuring AccuType keyboard technology.

All-in-one models eliminate the standard desktop tower construction from your work area, instead combining all system components excepting the mouse and keyboard into a single display frame. All-in-one desktop PCs are designed to fit snugly into home or office areas where space is a concern while also delivering a more aesthetically pleasing experience.

Browse our all-in-one desktop PCs.

BFR (Brominated Flame Retardants) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
PVCs and BFRs are potentially harmful chemicals once commonly used in PC construction.

Buttonless Clickpad
A multitouch-capable touchpad with a silky smooth one-piece design; removes the distinct two-button set while integrating click button functionality into the single, pressure sensitive plate.

Convertible Tablet
Convertible tablet models have the ability to function both as a tablet and an ultraportable laptop; provides the flexibility to take handwritten notes directly on-screen, and features a unique swivel hinge which allows the screen to rotate 180° for ease of use.

Browse our selection of Convertible Tablet PCs.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass
Corning Gorilla Glass is utilized by select ThinkPad model laptops. These glossy displays allow stunning clarity and robust visuals, but more importantly, they are near-impervious to all common forms of damage including scratches and cracks.

A traditional PC design featuring a dedicated tower structure; may also be used to describe an all-in-one PC.

Digitizer Pen
Provides the ability to take handwritten notes, sketch pictures or edit existing documents directly on your screen.

Browse our selection of tablet PCs featuring Digitizer Pen input.

A modern connection standard intended to replace DVI and VGA connections. Similar to HDMI, DisplayPorts provide updated resolution for visual projection and increased data transfer speeds for connection to devices such as computer monitors and high-definition television sets.

Docking Station
Lenovo offers several docking solutions that deliver convenient, one-click connection to peripheral devices in your working area (e.g., monitors, printers, keyboards and mice). All docking solutions power and charge your laptop when connected, as well, select models include an array of ports, thus adding additional connection options to your laptop package.

Browse our selection of ThinkPad docking stations.

ENERGY STAR Compliance
ENERGY STAR compliant systems have been recognized as beneficial to the consumer through lower operating costs, lower overall energy consumption and reduced heat emissions.

EPEAT® Rating
Products rated by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool are given a bronze, silver or gold rating dependent upon the number of environmentally friendly (i.e., green) qualifications the product meets. The EPEAT judges products on recycled content usage in construction material, product longevity, energy efficiency and other related factors.

Full HD (FHD)
Indicates 1900x1080 maximum resolution display.

Form Factor
Form factor is a standard PC industry term which describes the shape and size of computer models, most commonly used with desktops. Variations of form factor include: tower, small-form-factor, all-in-one and ultra-small-form-factor.

Glossy Display
An alternative to standard matte displays, glossy displays allow increased color clarity and sharper visuals.

GREENGUARD is an organization which recently began to assess the environmental and health impact of common PC emissions. PCs generally emit chemicals and particles when in use and GREENGUARD-certified equipment have been found to reduce these emissions drastically.

High Definition (HD) Display
High-definition displays deliver stark clarity for all visual elements emanating from your display. With an HD or Full HD display, text will be sharper, graphics will be more vibrant and colors will be more rich. HD designation on Lenovo PCs indicates 1366x768 maximum resolution display.

HD +
Indicates 1600x900 maximum resolution display.

Infinity Glass
Infinity glass displays eliminate gaudy frames surrounding your actual display area by stretching the display glass itself to the very edge of the PC’s frame. Infinity glass is a sleek alternative to standard laptop frame designs.

Integrated Fingerprint Reader
Lenovo's integrated fingerprint reader allows simplistic access to your Operating System or other PC folders with a simple swipe; eliminates the hassle of maintaining multiple passwords or allows you to double your security by using fingerprint and password security in tandem.

Kensington® Lock Slot
Kensington Lock Slots are an integrated staple found on many Lenovo systems and ThinkVision monitors. These slots pair with Kensington cables to allow tethering of systems and accessories to a set location, providing substantial security against theft or removal.

Standard industry term for most mobile, fully-functional PCs or desktop replacements.

LED backlights are integrated into many Lenovo products, providing a mild source of lighting to assist with visibility. LED backlights are commonly found on keyboards, laptop displays and ThinkVision monitors.

Mechanical Package
Lenovo form factors with the ‘mechanical package’ designator indicates that system includes mechanical parts such as a power supply and motherboard.

Select Lenovo system designs have been rigorously tested via several military-style resistance challenges. These MIL-SPEC rated systems include an internal roll cage (in select models) and other specialized durability features that will stand up to extreme temperatures, vibration and dust, to name a few.

Browse our selection of MIL-SPEC rated ThinkPad laptops.

Multitouch 2 Button Touchpad
A laptop touch pad with two standalone buttons and the ability to register input from multiple fingers simultaneously.

Multitouch Display
Multitouch displays allow selection, navigation and more via finger input and can register input from multiple fingers at one time.

Exceptionally slim and light mobile PCs with a compact frame and keyboard, netbooks are designed to replicate the laptop experience but deliver increased mobility.

Browse our selection of IdeaPad S Series netbook PCs.

Port Replicator
Similar to a docking solution, port replicators allow you to easily connect your PC to accessory devices such as monitors and printers without having to manually plug in several cords.

Browse our selection of port replicators.

A term commonly used to describe the vibrancy and contrast of visual elements and text projected from both integrated displays such as those found on laptops as well as standalone monitors. Common resolution measurements include 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1920x1080, with the higher number set offering increased clarity and color vibrancy.

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive restricts the use of potentially hazardous materials in the construction of electronic devices.

A server or server array is dedicated to running one or more services to a large network of computers such as an office space. Servers can maintain networks or data across a variety of platforms.

Browse our selection of ThinkCentre servers.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)
SAW technology registers touch input via ultrasonic waves that continually pass over a system’s display. The portion of the wave disrupted by touch is registered as input by the system controller.

A standard touchpad includes two selection buttons and allows easy navigation and scrolling.

A variation on modern laptop design that seeks to provide a balance between standard laptops and tablets. Ultrabooks are superior in slimness and lightness when compared to standard laptops, though without sacrificing performance. Ultrabooks generally feature integrated graphics solutions and solid state drives to increase performance and speed.

UltraNav® with TrackPoint® & Touchpad
UltraNav consists of Lenovo’s legendary TrackPoint navigation tool, complementary three-button selection block and a standard touchpad.

VGA Port
VGA is a connection standard found on many computers and peripheral devices allowing connection between two devices with compatible cable. Peripherals that commonly feature a VGA connection port include graphics cards, computer monitors and high-definition televisions.

VibrantView Display
VibrantView displays bring colors and images to life by allowing light to pass through with minimal diffusion. VibrantView displays offer sharper contrast, brighter images and enhanced color depth for a better viewing experience. Your presentations, videos and movies will look better than ever.

Found integrated into many Lenovo laptops, webcams allow you to take pictures and communicate visually with others over a network connection.

Standard display shape which has all but replaced the older style, square/box-shaped displays. Widescreen displays deliver increased horizontal viewing area.

A PC with advanced hardware tailored for the needs of engineering and development applications.

Browse our selection of ThinkPad and ThinkStation workstations.

Internal System Components

Bluetooth is an advanced wireless connection technology which delivers a seamless, cord free connection to a vast array of Bluetooth-enabled devices (e.g., mobile phones, headsets, mice and keyboards).

Blu-ray Disc™
Blu-ray is an advanced optical disc format with five times the storage capacity of standard DVDs and the ability to project video in crystal-clear high-definition.

Broadcom Ethernet
Broadcom network technology is featured in several Lenovo systems. Broadcom provides advanced wired and wireless networking solutions.

A computer’s cache memory allows short-term storage of data separate from your system's primary memory source (e.g., hard disk drive). This method of data storage allows you to more quickly access commonly used programs and files.

Card Reader
Card readers allow input from many mobile memory storage devices such as MemoryStick and SD. Compatibility varies dependent upon card reader as some devices allow input from up to 25 card formats while others may accept less.

Chassis Intrusion Switch
Designed to record and notify user, upon startup, of any access to system's interior. Intrusion switch is triggered upon removal of system's external panel. The chassis instrusion switch is a common optional component of many Lenovo desktop PCs.

Color Calibrator
X-Rite® PANTONE® color calibration technology ensures colors are displayed as intended across all your devices (i.e., monitors and printers).

Browse our selection of ThinkPad W Series workstations featuring optionalcolor calibration technology.

DDR (System Memory or RAM)
DDR technologies are available in a few varieties including DDR2, DDR3 and DDR5. With each increase in the associated number designation (e.g., 2, 3 and 5), that version of RAM will deliver increased transfer rates compared to its previous iteration.

Discrete Graphics
In a discrete graphics setup, your processor and graphics card are two separate entities dedicated to their own independent tasks. The upside to discrete graphics is increased power as one unit is not being shared to perform multiple tasks; the downside to this design is increased energy consumption. Discrete graphics are generally a better solution for demanding software such as advanced games and graphics applications.

Dolby® Home Theater® 4
Dolby’s v4 Home Theatre technology is comprised of a suite of technologies which come together to deliver an enhanced surround sound experience whether you’re listening with headphones, external or internal speakers. Unique features of the technology include user-preferred volume lock, streamlined connection to home theatre systems, increased audio levels and enhanced control of your PC’s audio settings.

Dual Layer
A disc format that allows data to be written to both sides of the disc, thus providing twice the storage capacity when compared to a standard DVD-R or DVD-RW.

DVD +/- RW
A DVD+/- RW drive is compatible with each of today’s standard write-capable DVD discs including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD+RW. Discs with a ‘+’ designation deliver more streamlined burn functionalities and enhanced write speeds.

Gigabit Ethernet
An advanced Ethernet connection technology that allows up to 10x faster speeds and increased bandwidth when compared to standard Ethernet specifications.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
HDDs are the primary storage area for all of your system’s data. A drive’s GB capacity determines how much total data can be stored on the drive while a drive’s RPM speed determines how quickly the drive can access and store data.

HDMI ports allow high-resolution digital audio/video data transfer from one device to another - commonly from a PC to a television or monitor. HDMI input supports standard, enhanced, high-definition and 3-D video signals.

An advanced technology exclusive to Intel® processors which delivers enhanced speeds and efficiency when multitasking.

IEEE 1394
IEEE 1394 is a High Performance Serial Bus that can connect up to 63 devices in a tree-like daisy chain configuration, and transmit data at up to 400 megabits per second. It supports plug and play and peer-to-peer communication between peripheral devices. IEEE 1394 is also known as High Performance Serial Bus, iLink, or FireWire.

In-Plane Switching (IPS)
A technology developed to improve upon limitations of previous-generation display technology, primarily small viewing angles and low-quality color reproduction. .

Integrated Camera
Lenovo’s low-light sensitive HD webcams are an integrated staple found on many popular laptop models, providing a simple, adapter-free solution for web-conferencing, Skype and all other visual communication tools. PC models with an integrated webcam also feature an integrated microphone for easy voice communication. Webcams rest just above the system display, providing a comfortable, relative-to-eye level communication experience.

Integrated Microphone
The integrated microphone offers great sound capture for recording or video conferencing. This can help enable internet telephony (VoiP) as well as voice-enhanced instant messaging and conferencing.

Browse our selection of ThinkPad laptops featuring enhanced integrated microphones and VoIP technology.

Integrated Graphics
Integrated graphics, unlike discrete graphics, do not contain dedicated memory, instead, they utilize PC memory. Integrated graphics chips are built directly into a system’s motherboard providing an efficient and space saving option for mobile systems.

JBL Speakers
JBL is an industry leader in audio technology. JBL speakers are available in select Lenovo systems to add enhanced clarity and exceptional richness to all any audio.

Browse our selection of IdeaPad Y Series laptops featuring integrated JBL speakers.

Low-Light Sensitive HD Webcam
Lenovo’s low-light sensitive HD webcam delivers clear resolution for all visual communication and imaging needs even when working in areas with limited lighting.

Low-power (LP) DDR2 memory delivers efficient application speeds and also actively works to regulate battery life.

Mobile Broadband (3G, WWAN, etc.)
A WWAN-enabled device is capable of connecting to the internet via a cellular network. Connection to a WWAN network requires a subscription plan from a cellular service provider such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. A 3G network is a popular network standard utilized by cellular service providers.

Multi Recorder
DVD multi recorder optical devices are read/write capable with the following disc formats: DVD, DVD-R and DVD-RW. These drives also support DVDs featuring the ‘+’ designator (e.g., DVD+RW).

NVIDIA® 3D Vision™
Allows Direct3D compatible games to be viewed in full 3D.

NVIDIA® Graphics with Optimus™ Technology
NVIDIA Optimus technology is a system optimization feature found in many NVIDIA graphics cards offered with Lenovo systems. Optimus technology automatically provides the best graphical experience possible while also improving your laptop’s battery performance.

Optical Drive
An optical drive is a disc interface tool found on many computers. These drives allow read/write access to common data storage discs including CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™. Optical drives can access information from these disc types, allowing you to open programs or access information directly from the disc or copy that information to your computer. Optical discs also allow the playback of video and audio stored on such discs.

PCI Express
PCI Express architecture is an industry standard, high-performance, general purpose serial I/O interconnect designed for use in enterprise, desktop, mobile, communications and embedded platforms. PCI Express supports strong system performance, high FSB speed, fast memory (533MHz DDR2), high-performance graphics, and a fast expansion card solution (Express Card).

RAID Storage
Known both as Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks and more recently as Redundant Array of Independent Disks, RAID storage arrays share stored data across multiple disk drives, increasing the speed, security and reliability of your data and drives. Raid arrays are common options in servers and workstations.

Browse our selection of ThinkPad and ThinkStation workstations featuring RAID storage options.

Roll-Cage Technology
Select ThinkPad model systems feature an internal 'roll cage,' or solid-steel covering for sensitive components. This roll cage design protects data and system functionality against drops and other damage.

Browse our selection of ThinkPad laptops featuring roll-cage technology.

A high capacity memory card format which provides up to 2TB of data storage and increased transfer rates over previous generation SD formats (i.e., SD and SDHC). All previous generation SD card types are compatible with SDXC card readers.

Serial ATA (SATA)
A high-speed connection interface commonly used to connect mass storage devices and optical drives.

Solid State Drive (SSD)
SSDs are an advanced variation of the standard hard disk drive. SSDs use microchips rather than moving mechanical parts, thus reducing the risk of a hardware breakdown. SSDs also read/write data significantly faster than a standard HDD and consume 1/2 to 1/3 less power.

Spill-Resistant Keyboard
Protects your internal components via a funnel system that filters out any liquid which may spill into your keyboard.

SRS® Premium Sound™
An enhanced audio experience for all PC media including video, games and music; SRS technology pulls oft-hidden nuances from the sound track and optimizes speech, lyrics and bass.

Switchable Graphics
Allows users to manually adjust the processing power of their graphics card to conserve battery life; a great solution when not performing tasks that require full graphics output.

TV Tuner
Select Lenovo PCs are equipped or can be configured with a TV tuner card. A TV tuner card allows your PC to receive standard television signals and even record programs onto your hard disk drive. Watch TV on your PC just as you would on a standard TV.

Browse our selection of B Series all-in-one desktops with TV tuner option.

USB 2.0/3.0
USB ports allow connection to a vast array of peripherals and memory devices including keyboards, mice, external hard drives, USB Flash drives and much more. USB 2.0 is the industry standard and found on most Lenovo systems, however select systems feature the advanced USB 3.0 technology which delivers up to 10x faster data transfer speeds.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
A communication technology which allows voice communication between multiple parties over a network connection.

Browse our selection of ThinkPad laptops featuring enhanced VoIP technology.

A WiFi-enabled device is capable of connecting to any available wireless internet connection including home networks via a wireless router or WiFi hotspots.

A mobile broadband specification allowing connection to 4G wireless networks.


Cloud Storage
A cloud storage scheme allows storage and access of data over a network via a third-party. Many popular corporations, including Lenovo, offer Cloud storage. With this storage model, you may store your PC’s data, including multimedia, through a third-party so that your data is always available to you (with a network connection) no matter what device you may be using.

For additional information, please visit our Lenovo Cloud Technology (LCS) page.

Depot Warranty
Lenovo’s depot warranty ensures that Lenovo will quickly address any defects or common-use issues that arise with your new Lenovo PC. If a technician’s help is required, Lenovo will provide a prepaid shipping label for delivery to Lenovo’s Repair Center.

On-Site Warranty
Lenovo’s on-site warranties are offered alongside many desktop-model systems to ensure you won’t have to return a large system model should an issue arise. Should your system arrive defective or a common-use issue arise during the warranty period, Lenovo will dispatch a certified technician to your location to address the issue(s).


Architecture for System Hardware (DASH) Management
A web services tool utilized in the remote management and update of both stationary desktops and mobile systems. Examples of common DASH functionalities include remote management of batteries and IP addresses, firmware and software updates and BIOS settings alterations.

BIOS Port Locking
Allows you to shut off functionality of your systems ports (e.g., USB) to protect against unwanted access.

Computrace® Theft Recovery
Computrace theft recovery is a tool embedded into the PC’s BIOS which can sustain itself through numerous system alterations. Essentially a tracking tool, Theft Recovery allows for tracking of your system which can assist with recovery in the event your PC is lost or stolen.

Hardware Password Manager
Lenovo’s Hardware Password Manager is an advanced security tool allowing remote management of data security across all hard drive brands which feature full disk encryption or FDE. Feature is available on numerous Lenovo Think-branded laptops and desktops, providing a unique solution for IT departments wishing to remotely manage employee passwords.

Intel® Anti-Theft Protection
Locks down your computer’s sensitive data in the event of theft. If recovered, data can be easily retrieved by the rightful owner.

Intel® vPro Technology
Streamlines common IT functions and keeps sensitive data safe. Benefits of the technology include speedy data encryption/decryption, protection from unauthorized access and remote system control.

Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) Technology
Featured in several IdeaPad laptop models, Intel WiDi technology allows you to project or extend your video and audio content from your laptop to any television with a connected WiDi adapter. Start a movie or online show on your laptop and watch on your television, or show off your photos to friends on a larger display. The possibilities are endless.

Open Graphics Library (OpenGL)
OpenGL is the industry standard environment for the creation of 2D and 3D graphics applications. Environment utilizes a vast array of visualization functions that help to speed development.

Operating System
An intelligent interface tool found on most PCs, an example being Microsoft Windows. Operating systems group all system data and applications into a manageable and accessible format.

SmartGrid Technology
An IT tool that allows power settings to be shared and/or dictated remotely across multiple systems.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
TPM is a PC authentication tool that works to minimize the risk of data theft from both physical and external attacks.

USB Port Disabler
Systems featuring the USB port disabler tool allow you to disable the functionality of your system’s USB ports to prevent unapproved access to your system’s data.

Lenovo Tools & Features

Active Protection System™ (APS)
Recognizes and protects your system from abrupt movements such as drops. Once a potential hazard is recognized, the APS will stop and lock the system’s hard drive to prevent any potential damage.

Battery Stretch
Automatically recognizes when you are running low on charge and intuitively manages the remaining power available to keep you functioning longer.

Lenovo’s DirectShare allows users to share files, photos, bookmarks and emails with other laptops and computers without using the internet.

Dynamic Brightness System (Ambient Light Sensor)
Lenovo’s Dynamic Brightness system automatically adjusts your display’s brightness to optimal levels dependent upon the level of lighting in your working area.

Energy Management
Lenovo’s Energy Management interface tool allows user-modification of system settings to make better use of available energy when running mobile versus stationary. Function also allows you to set options for screen brightness, CPU speed and other features which might impact mobile run time.

Enhanced Experience for Windows 7
Lenovo’s Enhanced Experienced technology makes your Windows 7 experience faster than ever before. Enhanced Experience features include optimized audio and high-definition graphics, exceptional security, enhanced web-conferencing and faster system and application boot times.

For additional information, please visit our Enhanced Experience page.

Eye Distance System
Protects your eyes from strain or damage by emitting a warning signal when you are too close to your display.

Allows you to close your laptop without losing connection to your wireless network; simply open the lid and resume working without any need to manually reconnect to a network.

Mobile Access Technology
A Lenovo service offering quick and easy access to the Web via 3G wireless connection, for a small 'pay-as-you-go' fee (no contract required). Select 2012 ThinkPad model laptops with a 3G wireless card are preconfigured for access to this service.

Multimedia Remote
Lenovo's multimedia remote fits snugly into the palm of your hand and connects to your PC via 2.4 GHz wireless. Dedicated multimedia buttons, single-finger scrolling tool and full keyboard combine to allow easy web browsing and simplistic multimedia control up to 30 feet from receiver.

Visit our Multimedia Remote product page for more information.

OneKey Rescue and Recovery®
Integrated button on select Lenovo systems allows simplistic corruption repair. Should a corruption arise within your system, Rescue and Recovery can quickly identify and repair the issue while also protecting any associated data from corruption spread.

OneKey® Theatre II
Allows one-touch optimization of all media (i.e., audio and video), to deliver a more dynamic video experience; can be easily switched back to standard mode to conserve battery life.

OneKey® TV
Select Lenovo desktop PCs feature a TV tuner that allows you to receive standard television signals via your PC's display. Lenovo's OneKey TV technology is the driving force behind this functionality, and OneKey button allows you to quickly switch your PC from PC mode to TV mode.

Browse our selection of B Series all-in-one desktops featuring OneKey TV technology.

QuickStart Technology
Featured exclusively in our S Series netbook models, Lenovo QuickStart is a technology that enables full boot-up of your PC (from off mode to active OS) in less than 10 seconds.

Browse our S Series netbooks featuring Lenovo QuickStart technology.

RapidBoot Technology
RapidBoot is a member technology of Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience program. PC’s featuring RapidBoot technology will boot to the Windows 7 desktop in as little as ten seconds and will also open system applications twice as fast as would be possible with other Windows 7 PCs.

For additional information, please visit our RapidBoot Technology page.

Lenovo’s RapidDrive is derived from a unique combination of two hard disk drive technologies. By implementing both a standard hard disk drive and a solid state drive into a single system, you can maintain immense storage capacities and at the same time, take full advantage of the exceptional write/access speeds of a solid state drive.

Lenovo’s ReadyComm is a software tool intended to streamline management of and connection to wireless networks.

SimpleTap Software
Allows simplistic access to a customizable selection of common hardware tools via a quick screen tap. SimpleTap’s menu comes preloaded with options to adjust screen brightness, mute your microphone and much more.

Lenovo’s SlideNav™ allows you to quickly launch items, change desktop wallpaper, zip/unzip (i.e., lock/unlock) the screen and also adjust light and sound preferences.

Browse our IdeaPad Y Series laptops featuring SlideNav.

A small integrated light found on many ThinkPad laptops. Generally the ThinkLight is integrated into the webcam frame and when activated, illuminates your keyboard area so that you can continue working in darker areas.

ThinkVantage Access Connections
A useful tool intended to streamline the network connection process whether you’re connecting via Ethernet, WiFi or mobile broadband. Tool also allows direct customization of security and location-specific settings.

ThinkVantage Technologies
A diverse collection of tools intended to streamline advanced PC tasks such as data migration, data deletion, network connections, system updates, data recovery and PC security.

For additional information, please visit our ThinkVantage Technologies page.

Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
Intel® Turbo Boost Technology intuitively increases processor frequency for short periods of time when tasks demand additional performance.

Lenovo’s VeriFace tool scans your facial features via your system’s integrated webcam and cross-references those features with registered photos to allow easy and secure access to your PC.