2YR Mail-In

2YR Mail-In
Part number: 0C07537

Warranty Upgrade to Onsite Service Warranty upgrades to onsite service provide next business day (in many areas) dispatch of a Lenovo authorized tec...

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Warranty Upgrade to Onsite Service Warranty upgrades to onsite service provide next business day (in many areas) dispatch of a Lenovo authorized technician to provide repair. If Lenovo determines your product problem is covered by the product warranty and cannot be resolved over the telephone or with a customer replaceable unit part, a technician will be dispatched to arrive on-site, typically the next business day, in major metropolitan areas. Service is available during Lenovo's normal in-country business hours. Calls received after 4:00 p.m. local time will require an additional business day for service dispatch. On-site service is available only in metropolitan areas, and next day service is not guaranteed. Onsite + Tech Installed CRU broadens warranty coverage to include onsite technician installation of CRU parts. Accidental Damage Protection Protects your PC against accidents, spills, and electrical surges. Lenovo will repair or replace your damaged PC at no cost to you. Why Accidental Damage Protection? Lenovo ADP lowers the notebook's total cost of ownership by extending its life and protecting your investment. Quick repair and replacement of parts ensure efficient problem resolution and increase your productivity. Service is provided by Lenovo, not a third party insurer, so instead of filing a claim, you deal with a simple repair/replacement process and are confident that repairs are performed with Lenovo Genuine Parts. Ask yourself: Are you in a mobile environment, using your PC on the go? Is convenient coverage for accidental damage important? Is minimizing downtime important? Is worry-free repair or replacement of value? Do you need to accurately budget for repair expenses? What's covered? Damage from drops and falls under normal use Liquid spills LCD damage Damage from electrical surges What's not covered? External peripherals Accessories not installed by Lenovo at time of purchase Batteries Accidental Damage Protection does not cover theft or loss, intentional fire, cosmetic or pre-existing damage or damage resulting from misuse or use under abnormal operating conditions. Accidental Damage Protection must be purchased within 90 days of the purchase of your new Lenovo PC and your service term begins concurrently with the product warranty. Keep Your Drive Retain your hard drive and data in the unlikely event of drive failure. With Keep Your Drive, you have a convenient and secure way to retain your confidential data, giving you and your staff the time to concentrate on growing your business. Asset Tagging Information-rich, tamper-resistant asset tags are affixed to PCs before the PC is delivered. Factory Imaging Services With Lenovo’s Custom Load standard service, customers simply send in their images (including updates and drivers needed for their environment) and Lenovo’s advanced automation process will apply those images and configuration settings while the customer’s PCs are being manufactured.

Features & Benefits:

Keep Your Drive provides the following features and benefits:

  • Retain your drive and keep your data secure if the drive must be replaced
  • Mitigates civil liability risks and the potential costs associated with data falling into the wrong hands.  
  • Covers multiple drives in a system and multiple failures
  • Eliminates the need for tracking failed hard drives in transit, eliminating associated paperwork. Lenovo provides a convenient and secure means for you to retain your confidential data, giving you and your IT staff the time to concentrate on mission critical business activities

Asset Tagging provides the following features and benefits:

  • Increase the efficiency of your IT organization’s inventory management system by capturing and tracking detailed asset information.
  • Save time by enabling detailed asset information to be quickly and accurately imported into your Asset Management System.
  • Deter theft by using customized asset tags. You have complete control over the information identification on your asset tags and the added security due to the tamper-resistant properties of the tag that help to ensure your IT assets are more recognizable and identifiable when lost or stolen.
  • Easily adapt Lenovo’s Asset Tag characteristics to your existing scheme.
  • Save time by using your client management system to automate asset registration.
  • Easily reference the delivered assets during receiving and import the data into your asset management system.
  • Save time in receiving and deploying new PCs.
  • 98% of your requirements can be fulfilled with a Lenovo printed Asset Tag at a lower price point to you.

Factory Imaging Services provide the following features and benefits:

  • Your image is installed on each system in manufacturing, using industry leading imaging and deployment technologies, to eliminate manual image loading
  • No need to wipe a factory pre-loaded image.
  • You take advantage of volume manufacturing savings, there is no extra resource overhead in the process, and we eliminate double shipping.
  • This radically reduces the need for manual effort and gives you the confidence that every step was completed correctly.
  • Provides consistency across all imaged PCs.
  • Errors are caught earlier in the process.
  • Enhances productivity by eliminating the need to re-load your PCs with your image when the PCs arrive onsite.
  • Your IT technicians don’t need to spend significant time on standard configurations.
General Part number 0C07537
Description 2YR Mail-In
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