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Desktops aren't just for desks anymore.
Entertainment PCs for any room, bookshelf or even the kitchen counter.
A Series: All-in-one Beautifully simple
A Series: All-in-one
Beautifully simple
B Series: All-in-one Edgy, lean and bold
B Series: All-in-one
Edgy, lean and bold
A Series

A Series. Beautifully simple.

They only need a sliver of space, are easy to set up, and simply stunning.

A700. New!
Ultra-thin, outstanding entertainment features and optional touch screen. Mount on your wall, sit back and enjoy your 23" high def screen.

A600. Svelte and fun, too.
Choose one with a 4-in-1 remote and use as a motion control, VoIP and phone up to 60' away and push your PC to new limits.

A300. Sleek, glossy white and super-thin.
It even baffles us how we were able to pack and conceal so many features and full-PC power. Prepare for performance as stunning as it is gorgeous..

A310. New! It's like an upgraded A300. It's slimmer, has a 21.5" screen, the latest processors, more memory, and more storage capacity. It also has high-sensitivity camera and microphone, and YouCam, a preloaded software so you can experience a whole new web camera experience.
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B Series. Lean. Gutsy. Speedy.

Our B Series line of all-in-one PCs are ready to play. Hard.

B300/305/310. New! Amp up your entertainment experience and enjoy it all on a 21.5" Full HD screen, or, output to a larger screen. Get ready for high-voltage entertainment, responsive gaming and a 3-in-1 remote and a truly dynamic gaming experience.

B500/B510. New! Our fiercest all-in-one entertainment PC yet. Aggressive, and responsive processors and killer graphics ensure smooth video playback. A knockout 23" Full HD display, high-sensitivity camera, Dolby® stereo and JBL high-end speakers raise the bar for quality PC entertainment from an all-in-one.
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B Series
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Windows® 7
Windows® 7
Lenovo offers a wide variety of systems preloaded with the newest Windows 7
operating system.
Enhanced Experience PCs With Lenovo-developed RapidDrive and Enhanced Experience technology, you can boot up, shut down, start applications and open large documents in half the time it takes a non-optimized laptop. You'll also enjoy more time unplugged thanks to an optional idle mode.
Windows® 7 Lenovo
Windows® 7 Lenovo
Enhanced Experience PCs
Get the best computing experience available by selecting laptops featuring Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience certification. Enjoy faster startup and connection times plus more entertainment and security features than ever.
Secure and worry-free online shopping
Secure and worry-free online shopping
Shopping online with is safe and secure. We use 128-bit encryption which is among the most powerful encryption standards available.
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