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Solving real-life customer IT problems Security, Access, Stability, On a tight IT budget? ThinkVantage® Technologies can help.
In a climate when complex PC management increases PC lifecycle costs, Lenovo developed a suite of tools to significantly reduce your IT resource impact. Lenovo's ThinkVantage Technologies provide support and enablement of image creation and ongoing image management; system migration and deployment assistance; support of PC users and disposal of PCs in a way that protects sensitive company and customer data.
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Deploy Connect Protect
ImageUltra Builder
Build a software image
Simplify the creation and distribution of corporate images and reduce image technology maintenance to virtually zero.
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System Migration Assistant
Migration made easy
Quickly and accurately migrate your end users' individual data and settings to their new Lenovo systems, to be productive faster.
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Secure Data Disposal
Securely delete data
Shred the data not the hard drive. Erase confidential information on a disk drive quickly and simply.
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Access Connections
Speed dial the network
Switch between wired, Wi-Fi and even mobile broadband, plus manage security settings and other location-specific settings automatically.
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System Update
Updates made easy
System Update intelligently knows the status of your system. It can sort through available updates and select only the ones specifically needed by your system.
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Productivity Center
Get help, be productive
This portal guides you to a host of information and tools to help you set up, understand, maintain, and enhance your system.
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Rescue and Recovery
Deploy critical updates quickly
Recover from system crashes quickly, even if the primary operating system will not boot. Give the IT team the ability to delivery remote fixes to users wherever they are, even if their system is down from a worm or virus.
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Power Manager
Control electricity consumption remotely
Managed power offers excellent battery life and improved productivity on ThinkPad notebooks while offering power cost savings on ThinkCentre desktops.
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Active Protection System
Brace for impact
Like an airbag's sensor, Active protection system can detect sudden changes in motion and temporarily stop your notebook's hard drive to help protect your valuable data.
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Client Security Solution
Security made simple
This unique hardware-software combination helps protect your vital security information.
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Hardware Password Manager
Central management of passwords
Deter internal theft, protect data on PCs, centrally control BIOS configurations and centrally manage all four of the standard hardware passwords.
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