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What Will Your Next PC Look Like?
Powerful gaming machines; stylish all-in-ones; and tiny nettops you can stash anywhere.
Stylish Simplicity
Stylish Simplicity
Next-Generation Technology
Next-Generation Technology
Bold, Lean, and Powerful
Bold, Lean, and Powerful
Compact and Versatile
Compact and Versatile
IdeaCentre Desktops: Dazzling Home Entertainment in Every Shape and Size.
From family computing to glorious HD video, from cutting-edge gaming technology to breathtaking multimedia, the IdeaCentre desktop line offers the features you need in your choice of elegantly designed, space-saving packages.

In other words, you make the call:

Stylish design, advanced functionality. The all-in-one PCs in our A Series and B Series boast serious computing power in streamlined, compelling designs. These are desktop PCs that break the mold in fusing power and style — so much so that they've been featured in major Hollywood motion pictures.

Need to save space? Turn to our Q Series nettops. These ultra small desktops — about the size of an ordinary book — turn your TV or monitor into an entertainment powerhouse.

Serious about gaming? Our K Series desktops may look like traditional tower-style PCs, but under the hood they're packed with innovative features and next-generation technology.
IdeaCentre Desktops and All-in-ones
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IdeaCentre A Series A720 All-in-one desktop
A Series. Stylish Simplicity.
Style and Substance in a Space-Saving All-in-One.
These slim, stunning all-in-one PCs are stylish, compelling, and impossible to ignore. Indeed, the A Series has led the way in all-in-one design since we unveiled the A300's iconic form factor three years ago. And people have taken notice — A Series PCs have raked in awards at computer shows.

In short: A Series desktops make an eye-catching statement.

But appearance is just the beginning. The latest A Series PCs boast up-to-the-minute processor and graphics technology. Add in top-level HD visuals, rich, Dolby® audio, and an optional Blu-ray Disc™ drive and you have an unbeatable entertainment experience.

Choose a model with touchscreen technology to enjoy an even richer user interface — and an exciting gaming experience that will delight friends and family. The most recent A Series models boast advanced 10-point multitouch technology.

And remember — the displays on A Series all-in-ones are adjustable (as much as 90 degrees, depending on the model). That means, unlike many touchscreen desktops, A Series PCs are comfortable use whether you reading it in an upright position or playing touch games at an angle.

Finally, A Series desktops are easy to set up, right out of the box. And their ultra-slim, clutter-free design saves space and adds a contemporary flair to any room they occupy.
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K Series. Next Generation Technology.
Rev up your game. The tower design is just about the only traditional thing about our K Series desktop PCs. Once you check under the hood, you'll find the latest processors, advanced graphics technology, and design features that set these computers apart from their competitors.

Power performance. In addition to cutting-edge processors, K Series PCs boast plenty of memory, tons of storage, and optional SSD memory that lets them handle even the most intensive programs with ease.

Dazzling multimedia, immersive gaming. The three-speed power control switch says it all: Keep it in low for routine tasks, crank it up a bit when you need a little more power, and step into high gear for power-hungry games and apps. Select models sport Blu-ray Disc™ drives, advanced surround sound, and even 3D Vision support, turning your PC into an unbeatable entertainment center.

The sky's the limit. K Series PCs' tool-free design makes it easy to open the chassis and expand their capabilities. Plenty of slots, all the ports you need to connect to other devices, and fast data transfer options like USB 3.0 make it easy to build your PC into an even more formidable machine.
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IdeaCentre K Series K430 Tower Desktop
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IdeaCentre B Series B540p All-in-one desktop
B Series. Bold, Lean, and Powerful.
All-in-One Entertainment PCs With an Attitude.
We've designed PCs for digital thrill-seekers everywhere — so now's the time to amp up your multimedia experience. B Series PCs boast a stylish, space-saving design, optimized computing, and intuitive navigation. But that's not all: Get ready for high-voltage entertainment.

Our B Series PCs are built for an authentic yet eye-popping entertainment and gaming experience. You won't be disappointed.
  • Fast processing and speedy playback.
  • Brilliant screens designed to completely engage the viewer.
  • Best-in-class, killer graphics play out on a high-def, high-end, full HD widescreen.
  • Screen options include 3D and 10-point multitouch technology.
  • Integrated stereo speakers and, on select models, Dolby® Advanced Audio, offer a vivid audio experience.
  • Models with a built-in TV tuner make it easy to output to a TV and watch your favorite shows — independently of the computer's operating system.
  • Watch vibrant video on the integrated DVD reader/writer or Blu-ray Disc™ drive.
  • The integrated High-Sense Webcam — 720p HD on more recent models — makes video-chatting easier and more vivid than ever.
  • Clutter-free cable management means you can show off your B Series all-in-one without unsightly cords..
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Q Series. Compact and Versatile.
Do It All, But Keep It Small.
When it comes to our Q Series of multimedia nettops and desktop PCs, big things come in small packages.

If you thought a nettop that's about the size of a trade paperback couldn't deliver dazzling graphics, full HD video, and a 3D experience formerly found only in movie theaters, think again. Our line of Q Series PCs includes the smallest desktop in production — but it doesn't stint on multimedia features that will keep you spellbound.

What's more, Q Series desktops are designed with your home in mind. In addition to being compact, they're engineered to run quietly — no more distractions from whirring drives and humming fans. They're also energy efficient, saving you money on your energy bills.

Advanced technology? Yes. Difficult to use? Absolutely not. The family-friendly Q Series sports an intuitive, straightforward user interface, and setup is a snap.
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IdeaCentre Q Series Q190 desktop
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Windows® 8
Windows 8
Beautiful, fast, fluid. Windows 8 has been reimagined to be all about you. Put what matters most right on your Start screen, and get instant access to your people, apps, and stuff, so you can spend less time searching and more time Doing.
Lenovo Lenovo
Lenovo Services
Protect your desktop — and your peace of mind. Lenovo offers a portfolio of award-winning services to support and protect your IdeaCentre investment. Lenovo Services help you go the distance with your PC, saving you from unwanted down time and unexpected repair costs. Available services include warranty extensions and in-home repairs.
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