Intense, global customer demands . . .Require unique, powerful solutions
Lenovo solutions for global enterprises
Lenovo understands that as a global enterprise, you need much more than just our great technology. Lenovo has chosen supply chains and manufacturing processes, and a service and support package that ensure world class and worldwide responsiveness.
24 x 7 x 365 Global service and support
Lenovo's service and support teams are trained and ready to focus on providing the high quality support you require and deserve for all your global operations. We provide unparalleled coverage to even the most remote areas of the world. International Warranty Service (IWS) is a free service offering that enables customers who travel with or relocate any IWS-eligible Lenovo product to receive warranty service in any country where their product is sold and serviced. Lenovo has the world's largest and most comprehensive service and support capabilities, delivering technical assistance in seventeen languages. Lenovo strives to provide service and support that benefits our customers in the global marketplace.
Global account management that works
Lenovo supports thousands of global customers and recognizes each of their unique requirements. Our sales representatives are experienced in managing procurement across the world. Our comprehensive global management process ensures your company is treated as a global entity. We understand the importance of a well managed global deployment service solutions and have put a management system in place to ensure proper focus and communication across your enterprise. Build a partnership with Lenovo today and let our experience global team help you manage your global needs. Complete solutions are what we do best.
Advanced technology, aggressively priced
Lenovo offers its customer's best in class products that are aggressively priced, and matched with a global fulfillment model tailored to meet your requirements. Lenovo's operations team helps our global customers expand their horizons without the worry of managing their hardware. Lenovo is in the business of making our customers more efficient and productive through product and service innovation that address your global business needs.
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