The Lenovo ThinkServer Difference
Ready to innovate? Done. Because the next generation of Lenovo ThinkServers is here. They're more powerful, easier, and greener than any ThinkServers yet. And with more performance per watt, they deliver lower total cost of ownership and a higher return on your investment. That's the ThinkServer difference—big power for small budgets.
Lenovo's newest ThinkServers deliver more than 2x the performance of previous generations.

With the power of the Intel® Xeon® platform and greatly expanded capacity, Lenovo ThinkServers deliver up to 11x the performance of single-core processors from 2004 and up to 3.7x that of first-generation multi-core processors. Rock solid with enhanced reliability and redundancy, these powerhouses deliver dramatic performance gains and higher productivity across the board.

ThinkServers make an ideal virtualization platform. In fact, with a consolidation ratio of 9:1 you can realize an ROI of over 100% by consolidating your legacy servers onto just one new ThinkServer. And with virtually limitless configuration options, you can increase the performance and capacity of your ThinkServer systems to meet all of your changing business demands.

Lenovo’s RD220 scores an impressive 23.89 on the VMark benchmark score, 2.8x faster than its predecessor.


ENERGY STAR® qualified ThinkServers help you reduce your power costs and minimize your server footprint.
A new Lenovo ThinkServer can save you as much as $695* per year compared to your existing server. How can we do that? By designing our ThinkServers to be as energy-efficient as possible with power-saving enhancements built right in, including:
Air flow and temperature sensors along with unique zone cooling technologies ensure that you never use more power than necessary.
Lenovo ThinkServer power supplies are more than 92-percent efficient, which means that more of the energy you pay for is converted into usable power.
Lenovo’s management tools, coupled with Intel Intelligent Power technology, eliminate unnecessary power usage by automatically turning servers on and off according to your company’s schedule.
ThinkServer offers the latest low‐power processors, memory, and hard drives.

But don’t just take our word for it. Lenovo ThinkServers have been evaluated and proven to deliver energy savings. Lenovo was the first company to achieve the coveted ENERGY STAR® for Server 1.0 qualification for both 1P and 2P racks and towers.

Lenovo has more Energy Star® 1.0 Qualified servers than anyone else in the market.
 6 out of 14 Energy Star® Qualified Servers are ThinkServers
 Only Server Vendor to have both 1P and 2P Green Servers

Green Servers provide impressive Cost Savings!
 Save up to $700/year on each 2P server
 Save up to $400/year on each 1P Server

In addition, Lenovo is an active participant in world standards organizations such as the Climate Savers program, and all Lenovo ThinkServers are RoHS certified.

"ReasonNet is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and operations in an environmentally responsible way. The unique Zone Cooling technology and the RoHS certification of all ThinkServers was yet another compelling reason for us to partner with Lenovo."

Leo Habers
Managing Director


(* using data from USA.)

Lenovo's innovative systems management tools empower you to install, manage, and maintain your ThinkServer systems easily and effectively.

Most ThinkServers provide round-the-clock, always-on server management from a simple and intuitive web interface. These tools provide a powerful way of not only repairing, but also preventing server outages. When maintenance is required, hot-swap components and tool-less design will keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

In addition, Lenovo continues its industry-leading innovation by being the first to market with the Intel Active Management Technology. This hardware-based technology comes integrated in the TS200v and provides remote management at entry price points.

Gets your server up and running quickly and painlessly. With an intuitive point-and-click wizard and built-in RAID integration, EasyStartup will have your server up and configured in no time.
Integrated Management Module
Offers server management as simple as point and click. ThinkServer gives you-round-the-clock, always on access to your server via a dedicated management port. Enjoy full remote control (including keyboard and mouse) of your ThinkServer from any location via a built-in web browser.
Powered by LANDesk, EasyManage makes multi-server management a breeze by giving you the flexibility to remotely manage multiple servers from one location.

"Lenovo has created a truly ground-breaking server with the introduction of the TS200v. This kind of innovation around Intel AMT is a foundation for us to build the next generation of remote manageability for MSPs and their customers."

"The RD210 boasts some management features that I haven't seen in competitive systems."

Cameron Sturdevant


Lenovo makes Service and Support for your ThinkServer easy.

Get up and running and stay productive with ThinkPlus Services tailored specifically for your new ThinkServer. Lenovo offers unparalleled service and support with a variety of options to meet your unique requirements and support your server and your business.

A proven track record of service and support, delivered hand-in-hand with partners Lenovo brings a long track record of exceptionally engineered products and award-winning services to the server market. Working hand-in-hand with your trusted local Business Partner, we’ll get your new server up and running quickly, train your employees, and provide priority response for all your service and support needs.

 Learn more about Lenovo's full portfolio of ThinkServer services here.

"The real selling point for LYNX is the combination of Lenovo’s exceptionally engineered products and Lenovo’s unwavering support."

Michael Roberts
Technical Sales Manager
LYNX Computer Technologies, Inc.


Your customers will find the ThinkServer easy to use—and you’ll find it even easier to sell.

ThinkServer. Easy to sell, easier to maintain.

Lenovo ThinkServers—powered by Intel® Xeon® processors—is a server your customers will find easy to use and you’ll find just as easy to sell. In addition, Lenovo offers unparalleled services and support, with a variety of service options to meet your customers’ unique requirements. Lenovo services can simplify your installation, maintenance, and updates, and can help optimize your ThinkServer performance. And remember, our services and support are delivered hand-in-hand with you so you know you are selling Lenovo-backed services while delivering personally to your customer.

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"Lenovo’s new ThinkServer TS200v sets the stage for dramatic cost savings, improved response time and new services."

Greg Donovan
CEO & President