Lenovo laptops offer comprehensive connectivity with Bluetooth®
Enhance your mobile computing with Bluetooth
Lenovo offers a variety of laptop PCs with Bluetooth capabilities for easy, wireless connectivity with your mobile phone, PDA, printer, mouse, keyboard and compatible devices. Configuration is easy with your laptop’s built-in software, and then connection and synchronization happens automatically across your associated devices when they are in range. Experience what Bluetooth-enabled laptops have to offer.
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Bluetooth connectivity is available on select IdeaPad notebooks:

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Bluetooth connectivity is available on select ThinkPad notebooks:

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What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth® is an open standard for short-range radio transmission and data synchronization between personal computers and a broad range of electronic devices, from mobile phones and headsets to cars, MP3 players, cameras and printers

Bluetooth transmits in the unlicensed 2.4GHz band and uses a frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technique that changes its signal 1,600 times per second. This enables Bluetooth devices to avoid interfering with other devices, like baby monitors and garage-door openers, while allowing relatively secure connectivity of up to eight compatible Bluetooth devices within a 10-meter radius, or about 30 feet.

What’s with that name?
“Bluetooth” refers to Harald Blåtand, the 10th-century Danish king who unified the Danes and Norwegians. Bluetooth technology has had a similar effect on communications protocols, uniting them into one universal standard.
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Bluetooth-compatible accessories
Bluetooth-compatible accessories
Lenovo offers a range of keyboards, mice, printers and other accessories with Bluetooth connectivity.
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