ThinkCentre A Series all-in-one
A70z all-in-one PCs. Sleek, serious business tools
Introducing our first commercial-grade, all-in-one desktop computer. Smart, secure and advanced PC technology disguised in an elegant, affordable, space-saving design. A70z is built to meet the challenges facing organizations today and tomorrow.

ThinkCentre® PCs include features & benefits only available from the creators of ThinkPad®:
  • World-class, innovative technologies
  • IT help and support from the PC experts
  • Rock-solid, advanced security and data protection
  • Business-grade PCs at mainstream prices
  • IT management tools like ThinkVantage®
  • Industry-leading quality assurance testing
A70z at a glance
Monitor, hard drive, superior business-grade technology and convenient design elements usually reserved for consumer PCs—all-in-one. It's a clever hybrid of the best features consumer and business PCs have to offer.
  • All-business PCs at mainstream prices
  • Space-saving, simple set up and clutter-free
  • Easy access for quick HD and memory upgrades
  • Simple maintenance to extend PC lifecycle
  • Built-in PC management tools for lower IT costs
  • High-end components for high-quality performance
  • Reliable PCs for enhanced productivity
  • 19" displays with desk, table or wall mounting options
  • Progressive design when style is your brand identity
  • Green PCs—good for the environment and your budget
Time to rethink desktops for your business?
Aggressive business goals. Shrinking office space. Outdated equipment. Tight budget. Sound familiar?

A70z is designed with those challenges in mind. See how A70z is as practical as it is stylish.
  • Sleek, modern and clean-lined design
  • Requires about a third the space of a standard desktop
  • Brilliant 19"W LCD display (16:10) is a joy to use
  • Easy plug-and-play design for quick box-to-boot time
  • VESA mount and three mounting options: stand, desk arm and wall (all optional and sold separately)
  • Simple cable management for crowded work spaces
  • Outfit your office with PCs as progressive as your business
Still not sure an all-in-one PC is the right fit for your business?
Lenovo opted to release its first all-in-one business PC only when confident these great-looking PCs met or exceeded the specific needs of small business.

Serious business PCs? Cost-effective /affordable? Style and performance? Easy to repair/upgrade?
IT support from world-class PC experts.

High security, PC management tools solutions.

From the creators of ThinkPad.

All-in-ones consume less energy and cost less to operate.

Space-saving and priced to fit any budget.

Easy upgrades mean extended PC use.

Attractive and full-function PCs

No-compromise security and style

Flexible design to fit any office space, desk, table or wall.

One of the most easily-upgradeable AIO PCs out there.

Easy set-up requires minimal IT support.

Rigorous quality tests before they reach your desk


Available for purchase from
Lenovo resellers in December.
Need a little help in the IT department?
Shopping for PCs for your business goes beyond tech specs, next-day delivery and price. This is especially true if you have little or no IT resources. A70z is built for small business to maximize IT resources, provide reliable security, reduce desk-side visits and help you manage your PC network.

See why ThinkCentre is becoming a top choice among IT managers:

Serious system security
Robust and reliable ThinkVantage® PC management and security tools include:
  • Product Recovery to restore the contents of the hard disk to its original factory state
  • Online backup for reliable remote PC without compromising security
Built-in anti-theft
Keep your PCs secure, 24/7 with USB port disable function and a Kensington* slot that doubles as a chassis lock.
(*Kensington locking cable required.)

Engineered to last
Lenovo quality assurance tests show ThinkCentre has the lowest failure rates to date. A70z all-in-one PCs include the same rigid performance and reliability specifications as any other ThinkCentre PC.

Easy hard-drive access
Avoid squandering IT resources on time-consuming maintenance. Unlike most all-in-one PCs on the market, A70z is simple to upgrade. It's less strain on IT resources and your budget.
Expert virtual IT help desk.
Voted No. 1 for Phone Support in TBR Customer Satisfaction survey. Rely on world-class support whenever you need it.
Save energy and money
Energy-efficient design
A70z requires a third of the space as standard PCs, run quieter, cooler and consume less energy. They also require less packaging and reduce impact on the environment from manufacturing, to your desk and post-lifecycle.
ThinkVantage® Power Manager
Save energy and lower electricity costs. Monitor and control power consumption in a PC network. For greater savings and energy efficiency, program your PC to shut down on evenings or weekends.
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Energy Star
Energy Star 5.0 compliant PCs consume less power, emit less heat and make less noise. The end result is a more cost-efficient PC and a cooler, quieter environment.
Windows® 7 logo Windows® 7
Lenovo offers a wide variety of systems preloaded with the newest Windows® 7 operating system.
Enhanced Experience Windows® 7 Lenovo
Enhanced Experience PC
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