Perfect for your dynamic enterprise
Lenovo ThinkServer rack and tower servers offer innovative features and superior performance—at the right price and configuration to fit your unique business requirements. Choose from an assortment of single- and dual-processor tower server and rack servers with fully qualified options, and various software and service offerings. Lenovo ThinkServers are designed to meet today’s demanding workloads and are expandable to grow as your organization grows—with an option that’s perfect for your dynamic business.


Advanced Processing Performance, Memory, and Storage

Lenovo’s high-value, flexible tower servers deliver dependability, performance, and expandability at an affordable price point. These exceptionally engineered tower servers are designed around rock-solid hardware, easy-to-use software, and unparalleled services and support. Lenovo tower servers are the perfect solution for busy companies with limited IT resources and time to optimize their use.

Our newest tower servers make remote management a snap. These rack servers come standard with "Always-on" Integrated Management which enables you complete out-of-band access to your server via a simple Web browser interface. This allows a server to be managed from anywhere even if it is switched off or has damage operating system. Many of our tower servers also include Premium integrated Management, giving you full remote control (including KVM and media) of your ThinkServer from any location. These servers are EnergyStar qualified and are virtualization-ready. Whatever model you choose, you can count on the Lenovo tower servers for the dependability, resilience, and scalability you need in your dynamic business environment.