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Lenovo is for Primary and Secondary Education

Lenovo is proud of our strong commitment to Education and the development of students in preparation for the future. Today's students must be taught 21st century skills like creativity, problem solving, communication, and analytical thinking to compete in the global, increasingly digital marketplace. From Primary to Secondary, Lenovo offers innovative products and solutions designed with education in mind.

Learning   An innovative approach to learning
Lenovo's 1:1 technology for the classroom provides the ideal teaching and learning environment. Using the best technology along with the most innovative curricula and content, Lenovo can help your school improve student achievement. Further, ThinkVantage® Technologies can lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your entire organisation with improved management, reliability, and energy efficiency, making 1:1 an achievable goal.
rugged   ThinkPad: Rugged enough for students
Lenovo's ThinkPad® notebooks are built tough. With stainless steel hinges, the ThinkPad Roll Cage and carbon-reinforced materials, the construction quality is second to none. Further, innovative technologies such as the Active Protection System and Rescue and Recovery provide a second line of defence against component damage and lost data.
secure   Secure data, secure students
From biometric scanners to full-disk encryption, Lenovo offers an extensive array of security measures to protect sensitive school data. Even in the event of a theft, Remote Data Delete technology allows missing assets to be rendered unusable. And advanced networking technologies can be used to protect students while they are online at school or at home.

Lenovo is for learning
Let us help you create a leaner, greener, smarter, more secure computing environment

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Lenovo is for higher and Further Education

Lenovo's commitment to research, innovation, and the environment is shared with colleges and universities around the world. As a strategic technology partner, Lenovo helps institutions achieve their academic, research, and financial objectives, while increasing their standing among peer schools. From community colleges to universities, Lenovo offers products and solutions designed with higher education in mind.

learning   An innovative approach to learning
Lenovo's 1:1 technology for the classroom provides the ideal teaching and learning environment to generate ideas for students and faculty alike. At the administration level, our solutions and products not only enable colleges and universities to lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) but also offer improved performance and greater energy efficiency.

GreenLenovo is green
In keeping with Lenovo's commitment to the environment, we offer products to help higher education clients comply with the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Silver and Gold mandates

Because PCs and monitors are a significant source of energy use in any environment, Lenovo offers more than 25 PC products that meet the Energy Star 5.0 criteria. In June 2008, Lenovo became the first PC maker to offer a full line-up of EPEAT Gold-rated ThinkVision monitors, and in January 2009, all Lenovo ThinkVision monitors met the Energy Star 5.0 criteria, nine months before the standard for monitors took effect.

Lenovo also offers bulk packaging at no cost for customers with large-scale rollouts of laptop or desktop PCs such as universities. Bulk packaging can save up to more than 1.81kg of materials per PC, so a deployment of 5,000 ThinkCentre desktops, for example, could save nearly 10,000 Kg in materials! A significant waste reduction.

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