Based on industry data, as much as 80% of an IT budget is allocated to lifecycle management costs, or total cost of ownership (TCO), making the IT department spend more time managing the lifecycle instead of providing additional strategic value for the organization they support. Lenovo's alternative client solutions not only reduce cost by as much as 40%, it also frees up IT staff to focus on more strategic business initiatives.

Lenovo offers two main alternative client computing solutions that deliver a broad range of features and functionality, making Lenovo the perfect partner for a customer looking for a desktop alternative for the branch office as well as the local campus. The design point for these cost effective alternative client solutions are:
  • Flexibility, ease of deployment and integration
  • Low lifecycle management cost
  • Centralized maintenance
  • Enhanced security for corporate and end user data
Lenovo's alternative client solutions are Secure Managed Client (SMC) and Wyse Thin Clients.

Secure Managed Client

Product Description
Secure Managed Client (SMC) delivers a superior end-user, business and IT experience when compared to other alternative client solutions. It consists of a client, a Lenovo co-developed software stack and a Lenovo Storage Array Appliance. This storage based alternative client solution does not require a costly back end server infrastructure. It is designed to help businesses drastically reduce their support costs, and increase data security, while delivering the end-user with a full PC experience. The core of the solution is built on the Lenovo Client Virtualization Platform and industry standard technology from Intel. The Secure Managed Client is easy to deploy, supports standard Windows and PC options, and leverages existing IT efforts for application and image creation. The solution provides the end-user with native video performance and delivers full Windows XP or Vista application support and functionality.
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Wyse Thin Client

Product Description
Wyse, as part of Lenovo's Alternative Client Computing offering, provides desktop and mobile thin clients as well as software and services in support of server-based, thin computing solutions. All Wyse devices provide access to Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix XenApp and/or XenDesktop, as well as VMware View.

As part of the growing demand for desktop virtualization, Wyse devices ensure secure access to and protection of information, with no local storage; sensitive data is stored at the server. With no moving parts, thin clients ensure a high level of reliability and availability. Wyse Thin Clients are easy to deploy, and by using the Wyse Device Manager and/or other management tools, they are also easy to manage, reducing the over-all costs of support. Wyse offers a wide range of operating system choices; the Wyse Thin OS, Wyse Linux, SUSE Linux, and Microsoft WinXPe or WinCE.