S Series

Thin, Light, and Affordable: Portable notebooks for doers on the go.
IdeaPad S Series S300 Laptops
IdeaPad S Series — Your Gateway to the World, Anytime, Anywhere.
If you're looking for a thin and light notebook that will keep you connected when you're on the go, the IdeaPad S Series is right for you.

Combining extreme portability with stylish design and powerful, reliable processors from Intel®, IdeaPad S Series laptops make perfect internet companions.
  • Windows 8 operating system.
  • S Series models boast cutting-edge 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i Series processors.
  • Extreme portability: S Series models weigh in at just 4 pounds and are a mere .35 inches thin.
  • Audio enhancement from Dolby® produces a vivid, immersive sound experience.
  • Transfer data quickly with USB 3.0, available on all models.
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Ultra User Friendly.

Despite their small size and affordable price, IdeaPad S Series notebooks offer a robust array of cutting-edge features. You'll find that computing is more productive — and more fun with...

Lenovo Quick Start. Tired of waiting for your computer to boot when you want to get online? Lenovo Quick Start bypasses the boot process to give you access to the internet in seconds.

AccuType Keyboard. With its ergonomic design and finger-friendly key shape, typing has never been more comfortable. The AccuType keyboard is specifically engineered to reduce typos and make typing easy on the wrists.

Intelligent Touchpad. Multitouch technology means our Intelligent Touchpads support up to four-finger gestures. And our smart touch sensor distinguishes finger touches from accidental palm contact, making interacting with your laptop easier than ever.

ReadyComm. Lenovo's integrated communications management software provides a single interface to create, administer, and share internet connnections.

IdeaPad S400 laptop
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IdeaPad S205 netbook
When Those Who Do Are on the Road.
You can count on your IdeaPad S Series PC when you're away from a power source. Not only are S Series models engineered for long battery life, most models are equipped with Lenovo Energy Management, our advanced power and battery management software.

Lenovo Energy Management is easy to operate and customized for different needs. It offers five power schemes depending on your usage at any given time: power saver, balanced, high performance, super energy saver, and ENERGY STAR.

Go green.
And effective power management does more than keep you productive — it also helps the environment. IdeaPad S Series PCs are compliant with RoHS (Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances) which requires the removal of six hazardous substances from electric and electronic equipment.

Select models are also ENERGY STAR-compliant and rated EPEAT® Silver under the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool system.
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Peace of Mind.
The less time you spend worrying about and maintaining your PC, the more time you'll have to actually get things done. And IdeaPad S Series models are carefully engineered for reliability and ease of use over the long haul. Depending on the model, these features may include:
  • Active Protection System™. A built-in accelerometer and advanced software applications keep your hard drive safe if your laptop is dropped or jostled.
  • VeriFace® face-recognition software. VeriFace protects your data and serves as a quick — and fun — way to log on.
  • OneKey® Recovery System. Resolve technical difficulties or virus-related issues with the touch of a single button.
  • LenovoCare. Rest assured with our award-winning support team.

Accessorize Your Notebook.
  • Monitor. Expand your notebook's possibilities. Connect your laptop to a monitor and enjoy movies and photos on a larger screen.
  • Mini-laptop sleeve. Carry your PC safely and in style, wherever you go.
  • AC adapter. Keep a spare adapter at home and in your carrying case.
  • Extra battery. If you intend to tote and use your notebook all day, get an extra battery. It could save you from running out of power when you need it most.
IdeaPad S300 laptop
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