To whom it may concern:

I just wanted you to know what I think about your ThinkPad. I’m a trainer of EMS personnel and wherever I go, my ThinkPad always goes with me. I always knew your product was good, but I didn’t realize how good until...the other day when I was running late for a presentation.

When I got to my truck I had a little rearranging to do. So I set my laptop down and began moving things around. Needless to say, I was in a hurry and anxious to get going. I was in the truck and pulling out of the parking space when...You can’t imagine the sick feeling I had.

I didn’t want to look. My ThinkPad had a corner missing and it appeared to be warped. I almost didn’t have the courage to turn it on.

But, it powered right up!

Thank you IBM!

Corporal Bill Wagner, NREMT-P, FTO, I/C
New Castle County
Emergency Medical Services Division
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The Legends of ThinkPad stories are dramatizations based on events reported by customers. The video and photo reenactments feature individuals who are actors and locations that are sets. The ThinkPad systems depicted in the dramatizations were not involved in those events and may include features and software that were not available on the ThinkPad models involved in those events. The damage depicted in the reenactments is not the actual damage that resulted from the events described in the dramatizations. This experience is not a result you will likely achieve so do not expect your own experience to produce similar results under similar circumstances. Warranty does not cover repairs for such extraordinary events. Do not try this at home.