To whom it may concern:

Here’s an unbelievably true story about your ThinkPad that I thought you’d like to hear. I’m a computer technician for a major newspaper. We depend on our computers to get the newspaper out. It’s my job to keep the computers up and running. At work I have a desktop, but I use my ThinkPad at home to check email and to monitor the workflow.

It was September 21, 2002. I remember the date because it was the day my daughter got married. I was at the church, saying goodbye to some of our guests, when my neighbor ran in to tell me that my house was on fire! By the time I got there, everything was pretty far gone. And what wasn’t gone was wet. I remember standing by, just watching helplessly, when a fireman throws my ThinkPad out the 2nd floor window. It landed below in a pile of wet debris. I was too dazed to think about it then. But, a couple days later, I went out to retrieve it. It was dirty, it was wet; and the outside of it had actually melted shut. I took it inside the house but I figured it was a lost cause.

About three weeks later, I finally decided it was time to return my ThinkPad to the office. As I relayed the story of what had happened to one of my fellow computer techs we decided to see if the ThinkPad still worked. We had to use a screwdriver to get the melted case open. Then, we plugged in the power supply and I hit the power button. I couldn’t believe it. The screen fired right up!

It was a bit warped, but it worked!

My ThinkPad had survived a fire, water from a fire hose, a drop out a 2nd story window and days and nights under wet soggy debris. Not only did it start right up, all my data was intact. If I hadn’t been there to see it, I never would have believed it.

Thank you ThinkPad!

Keith Jones
Computer Technician
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The Legends of ThinkPad stories are dramatizations based on events reported by customers. The video and photo reenactments feature individuals who are actors and locations that are sets. The ThinkPad systems depicted in the dramatizations were not involved in those events and may include features and software that were not available on the ThinkPad models involved in those events. The damage depicted in the reenactments is not the actual damage that resulted from the events described in the dramatizations. This experience is not a result you will likely achieve so do not expect your own experience to produce similar results under similar circumstances. Warranty does not cover repairs for such extraordinary events. Do not try this at home.