To whom it may concern:

If this story had happened to someone else I never would’ve believed it. I’m a principal of a school in Manor, Saskatchewan, Canada. My days are busy and so are many of my nights.

One particular night I was finishing a speech to give for our graduating seniors. I was in a hurry to get to the auditorium and ran out of my office without closing the door. After the speech, I spent some time talking to parents and congratulating students before going back to my office.

When I returned to my office, my ThinkPad was nowhere in sight. I couldn’t imagine where it had gone. After asking several people in the hallway and searching all around, I finally had to give up and head for home. The next day, several people helped me look for my ThinkPad, but with no luck. A week passed and I finally had to admit that my ThinkPad was gone for good.

Time passed, in fact about eleven months of time to be exact. During that period there were storms, rain, and of course lots of snow. All in all we had about 4 feet of snow. Eventually, summer arrived and lots of activities filled the school grounds.

One day, some students were playing baseball and made a discovery in one of the bushes! There, wrapped in blue jeans was my ThinkPad. It was covered in mud and some of the screws were rusted, but it looked fine! The student turned the ThinkPad in to the office. I took it to our IT person to have him check it out. When he plugged the power supply into my ThinkPad it powered right up! Even more amazing, all of my data was still there.

Thank you IBM.

Mickey Adams
Souris Moose Mountain School Division
Saskatchewan, Canada
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The Legends of ThinkPad stories are dramatizations based on events reported by customers. The video and photo reenactments feature individuals who are actors and locations that are sets. The ThinkPad systems depicted in the dramatizations were not involved in those events and may include features and software that were not available on the ThinkPad models involved in those events. The damage depicted in the reenactments is not the actual damage that resulted from the events described in the dramatizations. This experience is not a result you will likely achieve so do not expect your own experience to produce similar results under similar circumstances. Warranty does not cover repairs for such extraordinary events. Do not try this at home.