To whom it may concern:

I wanted to share an amazing story about your ThinkPad! I’m a Director of Photography and my work takes me to all kinds of exotic locations all over the world.

A while ago we traveled to K2 Base Camp in Pakistan to film a documentary for National Geographic. Our ThinkPads went with us. Before we even reached our final destination, they endured multiple plane flights, a rugged 36-hour bus trip up the Karakoram Highway, and an incredibly jarring and dusty 9-hour jeep ride to a remote mountain village. From there, our ThinkPads traveled 10 days on the backs of Pakistani porters, over 65 miles of treacherous terrain, half of it on the dangerous Baltoro Glacier.

When we finally did reach the K2 Base Camp, our ThinkPads endured over three months of extreme temperature changes, from 70 degrees during the day, down into the low teens at night. It could literally go from summer to winter in one week.

Through varied temperatures from hot to freezing, and at sixteen-thousand-foot elevations, with no special high-altitude disk drives, your ThinkPads performed flawlessly. They helped us document our story every day... and served as a great source of entertainment to the locals.

Thank you ThinkPad!

David Rasmussen
Director of Photography
Northern Mountain Films
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The Legends of ThinkPad stories are dramatizations based on events reported by customers. The video and photo reenactments feature individuals who are actors and locations that are sets. The ThinkPad systems depicted in the dramatizations were not involved in those events and may include features and software that were not available on the ThinkPad models involved in those events. The damage depicted in the reenactments is not the actual damage that resulted from the events described in the dramatizations. This experience is not a result you will likely achieve so do not expect your own experience to produce similar results under similar circumstances. Warranty does not cover repairs for such extraordinary events. Do not try this at home.