Lenovo’s commitment to customers and Planet Earth
Environmental sustainability touches every aspect of Lenovo’s business including product design, manufacturing, and shipping, its supply chain, and corporate practices. As a globally responsible partner, Lenovo is finding ways to improve our operational efficiencies as we help consumers reduce their carbon footprint as well as their expenses. Lenovo is pleased to offer a selection of Energy Star rated PCs and monitors. After all, energy efficiency not only just environmentally good, it’s financially smart.
Concerned about energy usage?
Lenovo’s latest PCs use 25% less energy compared to previous generations, and are Energy Star rated. Our monitors were first in the industry to be qualified as EPEAT Gold. For customers who really want to cut energy use, consider the ThinkPad X300 recently named one of 2008's Greenest Computers by GreenComputing.com or the IdeaPad U110 or Netbook, both rated Energy Star. Along with the reliability, security and portability of a Lenovo notebook PC, you will use about one-third of the energy required by a desktop PC.

And don’t forget to use your PC’s power management tools. You can save nearly half a ton of CO2 and more than $60 a year in energy costs.
  • Monitor/display sleep: Turn off after 15 minutes or less
  • Turn off hard drives/hard disk sleep: 15 minutes or less
  • System standby/sleep: After 30 minutes or less
  • Use the blue ThinkVantage button on Lenovo’s Think products for help, or go to www.climatesaverscomputing.org
Together eCoupon
When you buy a ThinkPad or IdeaPad (including the S10 Netbook) online, Lenovo will make a cash contribution* to an organization in your home state that is building a windmill farm, solar panel, or biomass facility to generate clean, green power. This offer is good for the first 10,000 notebooks sold with the TOGETHER eCoupon.

*The donation is equivalent to the amount of energy you use in a year to power your notebook PC.
Energy-efficient for the environment and you
Lenovo's ThinkPad line considers green features a standard, not an option. All ThinkPad models have received Gold or Silver ratings from EPEAT and the Energy Star 4.0 rating. Here are some of the environmentally responsible features found within the ThinkPad line:
  • LED backlit, mercury-free displays.
  • Dual core processors – 10% less power consumption than standard voltage processors.
  • Cool and quiet fan system-reduces heat and power consumption.
  • Switchable graphics feature – uses 15% less power than previous T series.
  • Solid-state drives – Use 90% less power than standard hard drives.
  • Low wattage processor technology (25-watt processors).
  • Battery Stretch feature.
  • Recyclable materials.
  • Reusable packaging – Bulk packaging designed for minimum five reuses.
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