EASY — FUN — INTUITIVE — A real "no brainer"
Lenovo's new SimpleTap solution provides easy access to on-screen tiles you touch to get to hardware controls and interact with your ThinkPad. The menu of tiles is accessed with a simple two finger tap — anywhere on the ThinkPad display. You then select the specific tile with a light tap of the finger and use sliders to adjust hardware setting as needed. It doesn't get any simpler!!
SimpleTap technology will make everyday laptop tasks a snap:
  • Want quick and easy access to many hardware controls and status indicators (ie: brightness, wireless, audio, etc)?
  • Having difficulty locating controls for functions like the microphone?
  • Want to easily use ThinkPad features (ie; ThinkLight, Integrated camera)?
  • Want to customize touch tiles to launch frequently used websites, files or applications?
  • Want to kick-up the Win7 touch experience a notch?
SimpleTap is currently a technology preview that will be available on future ThinkPads. Try it today on the new ThinkPad X200 Tablet and the ThinkPad T400s with capacitive touch screens.