Lenovo and the Adobe Digital School Collection. Providing the tools students need to develop 21st century communication and multimedia skills

Lenovo PCs are optimized to provide the ideal environment for the Adobe Digital School Collection and other academic solutions like the Lenovo Classroom Director.

Essential Tools & Skill for the 21st century

Today, communications and multimedia are essential areas of study for students at ever level. Whether they will need to master these skills to function in the high-tech, high-speed world they will inherit, or to secure the many new jobs that rely on these emerging skills, Lenovo and Adobe are providing the tools and skills to insure their success.

Creating the tools to give students a competitive edge

Lenovo provides personal computers and teaching solutions, such as our Lenovo Classroom Director, to enable teachers and students to maximize their learning experience with the powerful software tools contained in the Adobe Digital School Collection.

The real world value of Adobe's industry leading multimedia products are evident in Lenovo's own day-to-day business operations where our professionals use Adobe products and Lenovo PCs to create and manage our own video, multimedia and web projects.

Teaching students the 21st century skills they need to succeed

The Adobe® Digital School Collection provides affordable multimedia software and resources for teaching and learning 21st century media literacy, problem-solving, and communication skills across the curriculum. This extensive solution covers web publishing and photo-, video-, and audio-editing and also includes document-management and portfolio-creation tools for enhancing learning experiences in a variety of subjects.

Hear how educators are engaging students in learning with the help of the tools and resources in the Adobe Digital School Collection.

New Tools for Digital Story Telling
  • Adobe Photoshop® Elements 8 makes it easy for students to make ordinary photos extraordinary, and they can share their work in personalized creations for print and web.
  • Adobe Premiere® Elements 8 provides students with the ability to easily create high-quality videos with dazzling special effects, professional quality transitions and titles, and synchronized narration and music.
  • Adobe Soundbooth® CS4 helps students create, clean up, and polish sound for their presentations, audio narrations, foreign language tracks, or podcasts. They can personalize soundtracks, remove unwanted sounds, add audio effects, and much more–in just a few clicks.
Web Publishing Made Easy for Teachers and Students
  • Adobe Contribute® CS4 makes it easy for teachers, students, staff members, and administrators to post and publish content to district, school, or classroom websites and blogs — in a few simple steps. It's also the ideal way to provide immediate access to assignments, schedules, parental notification and permission forms, school announcements, and other information.
Enhanced Communication and Collaboration
  • Adobe Acrobat® 9 Pro let's students use the software to prepare multimedia reports in PDF form, and they can use Acrobat to prepare a PDF Portfolio that displays a wide body of work to a prospective college or employer. Teachers can use Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro to easily create and distribute curriculum, media-rich lesson plans, project materials, and homework assignments, and Acrobat can help them simplify processes such as grading, record keeping, and more.
Teacher Resources
  • A Teacher Resource DVD helps integrate project-based learning using the latest Adobe technology into the classroom. Developed with the help of educators the DVD is packed with lesson plans, tutorials, tips and tricks, and more.
Classroom Management
  • Lenovo's Classroom Director gives teachers simultaneous, real-time and interactive control of all classroom PCs, or just a single PC for individualized attention. Using "Show" features, teachers can share their screen or a student's screen with all, one or just a few students. This is a feature that is very helpful when walking students through complex lessons or showing the class how one student solved or approached a problem.