Lenovo Stimulus Resource Center

Lenovo's Solutions for Education

In this section of our Stimulus Resource Center For Educators, we present a number of Lenovo education solutions, which are in line with the targeted educational goals of the ARRA funding. Lenovo has always viewed its award-winning technology as a starting point in our relationship with education institutions. The core of our educational relationships has always been a desire to work with educators and to build upon our technology, developing targeted solutions for their key problems and opportunities.

Supporting teaching and learning are Lenovo's core objectives for education. The products we develop and services we deliver are the means to these ends.

1:1 Computing
Lenovo believes that every student deserves equal access to an education, and with the expanding role of technology in modern education that can only be accomplished by providing a PC for every student.
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Teacher Effectiveness
Teachers are the heart and soul of every educational institution. To help teachers use technology efficiently, effectively and easily in the classroom, Lenovo has developed a framework which offers unparalleled control over student PCs, as well as applications which enable 21st century skills development.
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Education Models
Working closely with the educational community, Lenovo has created unique PC models, each designed to deliver specific strengths or capabilities to support targeted educational goals.
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Advanced Learning Environments
Lenovo offers innovative learning environments for both classroom and distance learning scenarios.
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Mitigating The Funding Cliff
ARRA legislation specifically encourages applicants to factor in the "funding cliff," that point in two to three years when ARRA funding is designed to stop. For Lenovo, project lifecycle funding discipline is not just a program note, it is a core strength. Lenovo's record of Total Cost of Ownership leadership, along with our built-in productivity tools, can help you manage the funding cutoff.
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Rapid Launch and Impact Programs
ARRA grants are designed for rapid design, approval and implementation. The existence of many Lenovo educational technologies and solutions such as our Ultimate Academic PC, allow grant applicants to quickly assemble proposals using on-hand, in-stock elements to support a wide variety of ARRA initiatives.
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Broadband Stimulus Program
Lenovo has teamed with industry leaders like Intel, AT&T and Ericsson to create embedded mobile broadband solutions to provide students and educators with end-to-end, wireless solutions.
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