Up to 80% of the cost of PC ownership can be hidden. ThinkVantage Technologies address these hidden costs.
ThinkVantage Technologies (TVTs), unique to Lenovo, are built-in to our PCs and provide you powerful tools to dramatically increase your ability to manage PCs throughout their service life. From deployment through disposal, TVTs offer you choices and support to improve you PC productivity and management effectiveness while lowering costs.
What people say about ThinkVantage Technologies:
“We’ve repeatedly raved about the ThinkVantage suite and we’re pleased to see Lenovo has improved on what we already considered one of the best in the industry.”
— PC Magazine, "Lenovo Thinks Outside the Standard Black Box"
“Lenovo’s ThinkVantage Technologies reduce support costs by as much as 50% while significantly reducing deployment time.”
— Robert Frances Group
“ThinkVantage Technologies reduced ongoing operating costs greater than the cost of a new PC.”
— Ziff-Davis Market Experts
“Lenovo is the only PC hardware vendor to develop a full portfolio of PC lifecycle management tools. Increasingly, customers are realizing the true costs of PC lifecycle management. Lenovo offers ThinkVantage Technologies to address these issues…it is clear the benefits and savings associated with these tools are real.”
— Technology Business Research, Inc
ThinkVantage Techologies – the basics
In challenging times keeping IT costs down and productivity up is difficult. Added to this is the need to meet other PC fleet requirements such as updates, security, disposal, etc. Lenovo’s built-in TVTs are designed to help you more easily accomplish these goals.

Start from here and follow the links to learn more about each individual TVT tool.

Access connections
Switch between wired and wireless environments and manage security settings and other location-specific settings automatically.
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Active Protection System
Like an airbag's sensor, Active protection system can detect sudden changes in motion and temporarily stop your notebook's hard drive to help protect your valuable data.
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Client Security Solution
This unique hardware-software combination helps protect your vital security information.
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ImageUltra Builder
Simplifies the creation and distribution of corporate images and reduces image technology maintenance to virtually zero.
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Secure Data Disposal
Shred the data not the hard drive. Erase confidential information on a disk drive quickly and simply.
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Password Manager
Lenovo's Password Manager can store and retrieve user IDs and passwords for Web sites that require authentication, and fill in the correct user ID and password when it is required.
Power Manager
A tool to save energy every day by giving you control over power consumption on your ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops via a simple “slider” control.
Productivity Center
This portal guides you to a host of information and tools to help you set up, understand, maintain, and enhance your system.
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Rescue and Recovery
The One button recovery. Recover from system crashes quickly, even if the primary operating system will not boot.
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Security and Fingerprint Technology
Lenovo's Fingerprint Reader Technology both enhances and simplifies your PC security by providing easy access and data security.
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System Migration Assistant
Quickly and accurately migrate your end user's individual data and settings to their new Lenovo systems, which are then familiar and ready to go.
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System Update
Automatically download the latest updates for Lenovo software, drivers and BIOS over the Internet.
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