Lenovo’s exceptional partnership with Microsoft during the development of Windows® 7 produced a new breed of PCs with unmatched functionality and a certification program to identify them. Systems that delivered faster start-up and connection times plus more entertainment and business features than ever before received the Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows® 7 (EE) certification.

Today, Lenovo continues to strengthen the Enhanced Experience program with further functionality optimization and even faster boot / performance times. Our systems are then tested extensively by a third-party organization, measuring against, minimally, 42 competitor systems with the same configurations.  To learn more about specific versions of EE, click the buttons below.

  • Lenovo Enhanced Experience
  • Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2
  • Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3
  • Launch date: 2009
  • Starts PC 33% faster
  • Includes optional RapidDrive with SSD
  • Launch date: 2011
  • Starts PC 20 seconds faster
  • Includes optional RapidDrive with SSD
  • Launch date: 2012
  • Starts PC 40% faster
  • Focuses on optimized performance with standard HDD