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Creating Enhanced Experience for consumer PCs
An interview with Lenovo Consumer Desktop Software R&D
William HuangManager
Consumer Desktop Software R&D team
Lu LuAdvanced Software Engineer
What kind of value do you think Enhanced Experience delivers to consumers?

Huang: I think Enhanced Experience is helpful to consumers in two ways; one is the actual benefits and features — fast boot and shutdown, sound and graphics quality, and easy system maintenance tools. Another value for some consumers is more from the concept itself. A lot of consumers are confused by the many choices of PCs available today, and not easily able to tell the difference between them. The Enhanced Experience PC gives the consumer some kind of simple guarantee about the PC experience, so you don't need to research and check the detailed specifications to see what kind of audio or graphics is on board — there is already a minimum standard of capabilities.

How easy is it to optimize desktop PCs for Windows 7?

Lu Lu: It is not easy for sure. People may think that it just takes a few weeks to optimize the PC performance, but actually we have spent many months working on it. Just to improve boot time by a small amount requires a lot of patient work across all aspects of the system — BIOS, drivers, firmware and software all need to be optimized. It is a system-level effort.

How do you make your PCs boot or shutdown faster? What kind of processes or actions did you take to achieve it?

Lu Lu: For BIOS, we re-write BIOS source code to remove redundant initialization procedures. For software and drivers we leverage specialist tools to analyze the detail of how and when they load, and work very closely with Microsoft to find potential ways to improve the load times. We even look at how the software is imaged on the hard drive to find ways to improve the performance.

How long have you been working on these optimizations?

Lu Lu: We have been in deep engagement with Microsoft and other Lenovo R&D teams for more than 1 year. Sometimes when we make changes it sends us a step backwards, sometimes we take two steps forward and improve the performance by a large degree. So sometimes it is frustrating, and at other times very satisfying..

What about entertainment features? Could you describe some of the features available on EE desktop PCs?

Huang: Enhanced Experience PCs all feature high-definition graphics support so you can watch the latest HD movies or play games with high-def graphics, and we also enable DirectX 10 support which is required for some games and running advanced graphics features on Windows 7 itself — like Aero Peek and Aero Flip, which are ways to preview and switch between programs with 3D visual effects on the desktop. Although many PCs today support DirectX 10 or feature HD graphics, we think it is valuable for consumers to understand these are standard features of Enhanced Experience PCs, which will make choosing a new PC simpler for them.

For audio, depending on the PC, we have enabled multi-channel surround sound support and/or improved speaker design for our all-in-one PCs. The speakers are designed in a way that not only reduces vibration, but provides richer sound quality — this is mainly achieved through the quality of the materials used in the speaker, and also the size and shape of the speaker chamber itself.

I think multimedia content is a key driver in the development of consumer PCs. And the multimedia entertainment experience is a very important aspect of Windows 7, which itself has been designed with tools for managing and creating video, photos and music content.

What improvements have you made to the system maintenance software for Enhanced Experience?

Huang: We have designed a brand new Rescue System solution, what has a much faster backup speed (around twice as fast as the previous version). We also built a feature called Live Backup, which allows the user to implement incremental backup of their data whilst still in the Windows 7 desktop, in addition to the interface which is available before loading Windows. With the backup, recovery, anti-virus and system repair tools integrated together in a very simple interface, we believe it provides a very good experience for users so they more easily maintain their system and its performance.
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IdeaPad U150
IdeaPad U160
IdeaPad U350
IdeaPad U450
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IdeaPad U460
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IdeaPad U550
IdeaPad V360
IdeaPad V460
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*HD graphics support systems
**RapidDrive is an optional feature on Y560 and Y460
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