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Lenovo-Designed Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch
Relying on the same design process used to engineer Lenovo PCs, 10 members of the award-winning Lenovo IDC worked for more than 10 months on the design and technical details of the torch, seeking to infuse it with symbols of both Chinese culture and the spirit of the Olympic Games. The result is the "Cloud of Promise," a torch that in every way — color, shape, decoration and texture — reflects the traditions and history of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and its host nation.
Yao Ying Jia
Yao Ying Jia
The inspiration behind the "Cloud of Promise's" shape and design can be pinpointed to an early brainstorm session held by Lenovo to consider challenges in designing a torch that would symbolize China's 5,000 years of civilization. A member of the team pointed out that one of China's great contributions to the world was the invention of paper, and said the traditional Chinese scroll, invented more than a thousand years ago, might serve as a good model. "Rolled paper is a powerful symbol for the Chinese people," said Yao Ying Jia, General Manager of Lenovo Group's Innovation Design Centre in Beijing. "Since ancient times it was used to hand over writings and drawings from one generation to the next, so it is a symbol of keeping Chinese culture alive and intact."
"Considering Lenovo's origins, I was thrilled to learn that BOCOG had selected the Lenovo Group�s Innovation Design Center's torch design over more than 300 competitors for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games," said Lenovo�s chairman Yang Yuanqing. "Lenovo has its headquarters in both the US and China, along with operations in multiple countries around the world, making it a company that transcends geographical boundaries. Our philosophy, similar to that of the Olympic Games themselves, is multicultural, collaborative and competitive. So I was especially inspired to see how our international design team succeeded in applying our guiding principles to create a torch that reflects Chinese culture while retaining universal appeal that will be appreciated and admired in whatever nations the torchbearers carry it." Yang Yuanqing
Yang Yuanqing
Olympic Torch LenovoVision
Lenovo designs Olympic torch for Beijing 2008 Olympic games.
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