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The loss or theft of a company laptop can cost far more than the replacement hardware. It can cause significant disruptions to business. It can result in legal or financial exposure. It can put your company in breach of compliance with HITECH, HIPAA, and other stringent rules and regulations regarding data security and privacy.

Laptops with an Intel® Core™ processor with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT) provide IT administrators with intelligent protection of lost or stolen assets.

With Intel® AT, you can now disable a lost or stolen PC with a local or remote "poison pill". This poison pill can delete essential cryptographic material from system hardware in order to disable access to encrypted data stored on the hard drive. The poison pill can also block the laptop’s boot process, rendering the system a "brick".

Intel® AT’s flexible policy engine allows you to specify the detection mechanism that asserts theft mode, the thresholds for timer intervals, and the theft-response action(s) to take. Because the technology is built into PC hardware, Intel® AT provides local, tamper-resistant protection that works even if the OS is reimaged, the boot order is changed, a new hard-drive is installed, or the laptop is disconnected from the network. When the laptop is recovered, you can reactivate it quickly and easily using your choice of methods: pre-provisioned passwords, one-time codes generated by IT, security questions, and more.

Intel® AT is activated through service subscriptions from Intel® AT-enabled software and service providers.

Feature How it works Benefit
PC disable Local or remote "poison pill" renders the PC inoperable by blocking the boot process. • Minimizes the potential of a stolen laptop being used and sensitive data being accessed by an unauthorized person.
• PC disable can be triggered locally or remotely.
Data access disable Local or remote "poison pill" deletes essential cryptographic material from the hardware, thereby disabling access to encrypted data stored on the hard drive. • Protects encrypted data from access, even if the unauthorized user, such as a disgruntled employee, knows the pass codes or in situations when a password has been compromised.
• Allows encryption solutions to store and manage essential cryptographic material in hardware (which is more secure than software), instead of solely on the hard disk.
Recovery and Reactivation Display custom theft mode message and restore laptop to full functionality using pass-phrase or recovery token provided by IT. • Recover lost or stolen laptops by displaying contact or reward information.
• Simple, fast way to restore notebooks to full functionality without compromising local security features.

Intel® Anti-Theft Technology-enabled Software Service Providers

Absolute® Software
Absolute and Intel deliver a new level of data and device security through integrated hardware and software technologies.

Intel® Anti-Theft provides tamper-resistant hardware based technology so that Absolute customers can rapidly respond to a device that may be a risk – with or without a network or internet connection. Absolute customers can:

  • • Disable a notebook that doesn’t call into the Absolute Monitoring Center within a pre-defined period of time.
  • • Send a "poison pill" to lock down a device and prevent the OS from booting.
  • • Trigger an Intel® Anti-Theft lock using real-time technology within the Absolute Customer Center, sending an SMS message to the computer and invoking the Intel® Anti-Theft lock almost immediately.

The combined technologies provide Absolute customers with an enhanced level of protection even when the computer hard disk is encrypted, the PC is off, or the operating system is down. A locked device can be easily unlocked once the safety of the computer is established.

SecureDoc™ leverages the best of Intel® AT and Seagate Secure™ technologies under one enterprise management console. WinMagic® delivers a superior notebook security solution that brings together the combined benefits of Intel® AT, Seagate Secure and SecureDoc™. SecureDoc™ offers one server management console that handles data-at-rest encryption in a heterogeneous fashion including notebooks embedded with Intel AT.

PGP Whole Disk Encryption with Remote Disable & Destroy (WDE + RDD)
PGP Remote Disable & Destroy from Symantec combines disk-based data protection (PGP Whole Disk Encryption) with hardware protection (Intel® Anti-Theft) to deliver superior asset protection. PGP RDD enabled systems are centrally managed by PGP Universal Server to simplify deployment and to consolidate policy creation and reporting.

PGP RDD utilizes disable timer and "poison pill" technologies to disable a system pre-boot, rendering it unusable. Recovered systems can be reactivated by the administrator in minutes. Protected systems can also be decommissioned and safely reused if desired.

Lenovo Notebooks with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology