ThinkPad USB Charging Adapter   

Part Number: [RSB]  4X20E50164



The Lenovo ThinkPad USB charging adapter is ideal for travellers who are short on USB ports but still need to charge their devices. It provides up to 11 watts of power, working with a ThinkPad power adapter (slim tip). The small, lightweight charger saves space and lightens your load, while the adapter’s USB port provides a 2.1 A current, charging your devices faster than the port on your laptop. The rectangle port supports all ThinkPad power adapters and allows ThinkPad laptops and mobile devices to be charged simultaneously.

Female rectangle port to support all ThinkPad power adapters (slim tip)


Female USB port provides 11 W power for charging mobile devices


ThinkPad laptop and mobile device can be charged simultaneously


The USB port on this adapter, providing 2.1 A current, charges your devices faster than the one on the laptop.


Tech specs

Tech specs

Part Number: [RSB]

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