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Exquisite Design Meets Smart Technology.
Yoga: Sleek Designer Notebooks
Innovative Multi-Mode Laptops.
U Series: Sleek Designer Notebooks
U Series:
Super-Slim Designer Ultrabooks
S Series: Optimized for the Web
S Series:
Entery-Level Ultraportables
Y Series: Gaming and Multimedia Powerhouses
Y Series:
Premium Entertainment PCs
Z Series: Affordable Multimedia
Z Series:
Mainstream Entertainment PCs

IdeaPad — Laptops for Those Who Do.
Lenovo IdeaPad laptops aren't just tools to fuel your creativity — with their stylish design and masterful engineering, they're an inspiration in and of themselves. From the designer Ultrabooks™ in our U Series line to our Y Series multimedia powerhouses, IdeaPad notebooks are the PCs of choice for savvy consumers.

Loaded with innovative technology designed to make your life easier, more productive, and more fun, IdeaPad laptops boast enhanced communications features to keep you connected to friends, family, colleagues, and the world around you.

Choose a model with a capacitive multitouch display panel and Windows 8 for a dramatically new way to interact with your PC.

And when you're ready to kick back, you'll be amazed at IdeaPad notebooks' robust multimedia features. They're the perfect laptops for users who want to get the most out of their down time.
IdeaPad U Series U510 Ultrabooks Laptops
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IdeaPad Yoga 13 Convertible Laptop
In the spirit of Those Who Do, IdeaPad introduces a laptop that truly breaks the mold.

The IdeaPad Yoga's innovative design allows the touchscreen display to flip around 360° until it's aligned with the bottom panel — at which point operates just like a tablet. It can also position itself into "tent" and "stand" modes, giving you a range of compelling ways to enjoy your PC.

In short, you select the mode based on what you choose to Do.

Yoga comes in two sizes — the 11.6" Yoga 11 Laptop and the 13" Yoga 13 Ultrabook™. Both models boast all-day battery life, both are thin and light, and both sport HD displays with capacitive multitouch technology.
Whether you're working in laptop mode or relaxing in tablet mode, Yoga is there for you whatever you Do.
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Ultrabook video
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Slim, stylish, light, and designed for everyday use.
U Series designer notebooks are lightweight and super-thin, but buying one won't break the bank. What's more, the laptops in this affordable line are as functional and durable as they are stylish. Models range from Ultrabooks™ to mid-sized multimedia laptops with full hi-def support.
  • Dazzling displays. Our U Series features HD 16:9 LED panels. Newer touchscreen models sport 10-point multitouch displays.
  • Show off your taste for the extraordinary. Our dazzling Ultrabooks™ blend high design with impressive performance.
  • Be a power miser. Energy-efficient processors let you power up when you need to and save energy when you don't.
  • Go the distance. Select U Series models can go all day unplugged.
  • Express yourself. U Series laptops and Ultrabooks don't just perform well — they look great and are bound to turn heads. Choose from an array of colors — Cherry Blossom, Clementine Orange, Sapphire Blue, and more, depending on the model — to really turn heads
  • Video-chat in style. More recent U Series notebooks include integrated 720p HD webcams .
  • Enjoy multimedia on-the-go. Vivid, immersive sound, an HDMI port, and full HD support allow you to indulge in video and audio anywhere.
  • Bounce back. Lenovo's OneKey® Recovery makes recovering from technical setbacks a snap.
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IdeaPad U Series U510 Ultrabooks Laptops
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IdeaPad S Series S400u Laptops
Specifically engineered to get you online fast.
Our IdeaPad S Series laptops, Ultrabooks, and mini-notebooks are built for cruising the internet, checking email, and basic, everyday use. S Series notebooks are simple to use, ultraportable, and affordable: everything you need for routine computing and quick access to the Web.
  • Get Online Fast. Tired of waiting for your computer to boot when you want to get online? Lenovo Quick Start bypasses the boot process to give you access to the internet in seconds.
  • Express yourself. S Series laptops come in a range of colors and textures — they look as good as they perform.
  • Take it for the long haul. You can count on S Series laptops when you're on the go because Lenovo Energy Management, our advanced power and battery management software, optimizes performance to extend battery life.
  • Dazzle your eyes. Select S Series netbooks pack hi-def graphics.
  • Multitask with mini-tablet PCs. Slim Screen displays pivot to give you the versatility you need in a compact package.
  • Stay in touch. WiFi, Bluetooth™, and 3G connectivity keep you linked in whereever you go.
  • Bring it. Audio enhancement from Dolby® produces a vivid, immersive sound experience — perfect for enjoying music or watching videos.
  • From laptop to big screen. Want to check out what you've found online on a bigger screen? S Series models with Wireless Display (WiDi) technology let you show laptop content on a compatible HD TV or monitor with no inconvenient connecting cords.
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Made for gamers, entertainment buffs, and audiophiles.
Craving the latest technology and serious entertainment? Choose from our Y Series for the richest multimedia experience. These laptops are worthy of any home entertainment hub, sporting powerful graphics and fast gaming capacity.
  • Road-ready. Enjoy brilliant high definition video on an advanced LED backlit display.
  • Immersive multimedia. OneKey Theater offers one-touch audio-visual optimization. The result: Clearer, brighter images and richer audio.
  • Dynamic Graphics. Lenovo's Dynamic Graphics technology can boost discrete graphics performance five to 10 percent by automatically adjusting chipset frequency depending on workload.
  • Music to your ears. Experience vivid Dolby® surround sound and quality JBL® stereo speakers.
  • Easy connectivity. Fast performance with reliable, stutter-free wireless options — including, in more recent models, Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) technology — make connectivity a breeze.
  • Built for comfort. More recent Y Series models boast backlit keyboards that make it easy to keep computing, even in low-light environments.
  • Adaptable performance. Y Series models featuring an Ultrabay let you switch out the optical drive for enhanced graphics or additional storage.
Watch IdeaPad Y Series laptop video
IdeaPad Y Series Y500 Laptop
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IdeaPad Z Series Z500 Laptops
Impressive multimedia at a reasonable price.
Our Z Series notebooks offer an exquisite mix of features and style that makes them perfect for everyday use and multimedia fun. These affordable laptops are ideal for study, entertainment, online chats, and mainstream computing. What's more, they're visually striking and come in classic designs as well as vibrant, head-turning color schemes.
  • Feel what an enhanced keyboard types like. AccuType keyboards aren't just more comfortable to type on — they're easier to clean and designed to reduce typos. Newer models feature backlit keyboards for accurate typing in low-light conditions.
  • Keep it light — but don't abandon performance. Full HD support and slim, high-end LED panels make it all possible.
  • Stay free and untethered. WiFi, Bluetooth™, and 3G wireless capabilities give you freedom to roam.
  • Create your own mobile sound booth. Choose a Z Series notebook equipped with premium speakers for bolder, richer audio.
  • Keep the lugging to a minimum. Not only are Z Series laptops light, they have long-life batteries. That means you can lighten up and leave the power cord at home.
  • Enjoy Multimedia. High-def visuals and audio enhanced by Dolby® or SRS turns your laptop into a portable cinema. OneKey Theater delivers optimized sound and images at the touch of a button.
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Windows® 8
Windows 8
Beautiful, fast, fluid. Windows 8 has been reimagined to be all about you. Put what matters most right on your Start screen, and get instant access to your people, apps, and stuff, so you can spend less time searching and more time Doing.
Lenovo Enhanced Experience 8
Enhanced Experience 8 Rediscover the PC with Lenovo and Windows 8.
Interact: touch, type, click, or wave. Connect: anywhere, anytime. Discover: new uses & a world of apps.
Lenovo Services
Lenovo offers a portfolio of services to support and protect your IdeaPad investment. Lenovo Services help you go the distance with your PC, saving you from unexpected repair costs. Available services include in-home repair, warranty extensions, and accidental damage protection.
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