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ThinkStation C20
ThinkStation S20
P Series
ThinkStation C20 ThinkStation S20 11e Series
Our turbo-charged compact workstation.
Exceptionally quick and quiet, powered by a single Intel® Xeon® processor, with graphics by NVIDIA Quadro®.
Secure & Powerful Convertible Laptop/Tablet

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Up to Intel® Xeon® X5680 (3.33GHz)
Up to Intel® Xeon® W3580 Processor (3.33GHz)
Up to Intel® Core™i7-2920XM

Operating system12
Genuine Windows® 7 Professional Enhanced Experience
Genuine Windows® 7 Professional Enhanced Experience
Windows 8 Pro

Up to 48GB total memory
Up to 24GB total memory
Starting at 2.76 Kg. with optical drive

Hard Drive4
Up to 3x 1TB SATA or 3x 256GB SSD hard drives
Up to 300GB SAS hard drive or 1TB SATA hard drive
Up to HD, HD+, FHD 15.6 inch, 16:9, LED display


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