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Optimized for Entertainment
Enhanced Entertainment
Worry-Free Enjoyment
Personalize Your Experience
Personalize Your Experience
IdeaTab S6000 tablets
IdeaTab S Series — Meet Your Multimedia Entertainment Companion

We've pulled out all the stops on IdeaTab S Series tablets. Loaded with entertainment and multimedia features, S Series tablets boast large HD screens and enhanced audio. In other words, they're just right for users who plan to use their tablets at home or at WiFi hot spots to browse the web, check email, video chat, and enjoy music, videos, and games.

And these are tablets that won't give you headaches. They're engineered to be easy to use right out of the box, and boast advanced multitouch technology; long battery life; a clean, simple user interface; and the connectivity you need.

Finally, S Series tablets simply look great. From unibody designs to tablets boasting pioneering features like detachable keyboards, you're sure to find the tablet that's right for you.

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Optimized for Entertainment.
IdeaTab S Series tablets deliver a top-notch entertainment and multimedia experience. Reading and Web browsing is crisp and vivid; apps run quickly and smoothly; video plays out in beautiful HD; audio is enhanced for an exceptional sound experience; and video chats with friends come in crystal clear thanks to powerful webcams. IdeaTab S Series tablets are optimized for entertainment and engineered for enjoyment.
  • Vivid displays deliver crisp HD images and video, while in-plane switching (IPS) technology offers a wide range of vision — making S Series tablets perfect for enjoying photos and videos with friends.
  • Bigger displays for a richer experience. Pictures and videos can lose their vitality on a tiny screen. IdeaTab S Series tablets have displays that are 10.1" and up and deliver rich, vivid video.
  • CPUs from QualComm and MediaTek fuel S Series tablets' powerful entertainment features.
  • Preloaded apps let you start enjoying your tablet right out of the box.
  • Quad speakers, enhanced bass, and SRS TruMedia, available on select models, power a rich audio experience that's rare for tablets.
IdeaTab S6000 tablet
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IdeaPad S6000 tablet
Worry-Free Enjoyment.

IdeaTab S Series tablets are devices to enjoy, not to worry about. That's why we've crafted these tablets to be simple to use and worry-free. Don't want to run down your battery? S Series tablets can run all day on a single charge. Want to connect to another device? S Series tablets have the ports you need.

And that attention to detail applies to S Series tablets' exterior as well as to what's under the hood. Matte covers are soft to the touch and easy to hold with only a light grip — so there's no need to worry about your tablet slipping from your hand. Other models feature stylish metal shells.

  • Because they're thin and light (starting at 0.35" thick and 1.3 pounds), S Series tablets are easy to carry with you wherever you go.
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the latest version of Android, powers S Series tablets.
  • The S2110's docking station is essentially a detachable keyboard that lets you turn your tablet into a laptop. The keyboard and touchpad make typing and general operations fast and comfortable
  • We've developed a clear, simple user interface (UI), which makes using some of the most popular everyday tablet functions like checking the weather, making notes, or listening to music a pleasure.
  • HDMI and USB connectivity, as well as a card reader, make connecting to other devices a snap.
  • Long-life batteries let you to go 10 hours on a single charge — 20 hours if you attach the S2110 to the optional detachable keyboard.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth® keep you connected.
  • Integrated webcams let you take and share photos and video chat with friends.
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Accessories: Personalize Your Experience.
Personalizing your IdeaTab tablet means more than just choosing a color — select from our line of accessories to make the most of your device.
  • Docking stations, compatible with select models, let you attach a keyboard to your tablet and use it like a laptop.
  • Tablet covers protect your IdeaTab in style — available in multiple colors.
  • Tablet cases offer protection and serve as a stand — all in a stylish, integrated design.
  • Tablet films provide scratch-resistant protection for your IdeaTab's screen and optimize the viewing experience.
  • Lenovo's durable, heavy-duty neoprene sleeves are tailor made for IdeaTab tablets.
  • Lenovo P180 headset earbuds feature an in-line microphone and let you switch seamlessly between phone calls, music, and audio chats.
  • Charger docks are a compact way to rev up your tablet — and also serve as a stand for your IdeaPad.
  • Get yourself an extra AC adapter — one for home and one for the road: You'll always have a convenient way to recharge.
IdeaPad Tablet A1 Cover
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Lenovo Services
Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of award-winning services to support and protect your IdeaTab investment. Lenovo Services helps you go the distance with your tablet, saving you from down time and unexpected repair costs. We recommend a two-year extended warranty for IdeaTab tablets.
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IdeaTab A2107 tablet
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