ThinkCentre desktops

M Series
M Series: Tiny
M Series: All-in-one PCs
M Series SFF
Stability and manageability for the large enterprise Small Package, Huge Performer. Large enterprise space-savers
For businesses that need stable solutions and a choice of form factors to meet varying end user needs.
Professional strength 1-liter PCs with secure, flexible mounting options & energy-efficient power for multiple displays.
Save space, money, time and energy with our sleek, premium-performance desktop.

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Up to Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Up to Intel® Core™ i5 processor
Up to Intel® Core™ i5 processor

Operating system12
Windows® 7 Professional
Up to Windows 8 Pro
Windows® 7 Professional

Traditional tower, SFF and USFF (ultra-small form factor)
Tool-free design for easy upgrades
Ultra compact 'Tiny' desktop models
Tool-free design for easy upgrades
Tower and monitor in one unit
23" wide LCD display
Easy single power-cord setup