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hi sunny23, According to this picture , the headphone jack is located on the right side of the PC and you should be able to connect a 3.5m
can some tell me how to connect speakers in y 410? Am seeing just RED light from headphone jack but not able to pin the 3.5 m jack!! plz help
Hi. I bought my son a H520S for Christmas which he uses mainly for gaming. I would like to upgrade the graphics card, as I am in the Middle East I wan
I have a relatively new (3 weeks) H520s running Win 8 that I recently purchased. On a couple of occasions I found the PC running when I thought I had
I eventually gave up and took my problem to a computer technician. He searched for the driver but concluded that there wasn't one. He replaced the old
I assumed that the "UEFI" in UEFI BIOS for the S20 meant GPT UEFI boot support. This does not seem to be the case. The UEFI knowlege base...
Cleo_Lenovo wrote: A lot of my friends are very new to Cloud services. They have either not heard of it or just known the term of Cloud only. Tha...
The Bluetooth driver that is supplied from support.lenovo.com does not enable Bluetooth on the IdeaCentre A720. After installing the driver, the...
I have the same problem. I try change power supply,disk, bios update 9QKT38A, i don't now what to do, any ideea?
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Discussion on H, Q, J, C series Lenovo 3000, Valueline / Essential Desktops
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