Top reasons to buy Office 2010

Use Microsoft® Office 2010 anywhere to manage your business- from a PC, phone, or browser.

Respond faster and better when you’re away from the office.
Whether you’re in a coffee shop, an airport lounge, or a hotel room, Office 2010 gives
you the best productivity experience available. With the new Office Web Apps, you can review documents and do lightweight editing from virtually anywhere and on any device with a browser.*

Keep productive on the go with Microsoft SharePoint® Workspace 2010.
Get a seamless online/offline experience that saves you time. You can now work offline
in SharePoint Workspace 2010 and then instantly sync only the changes to your PC when you get back online—so your content stays consistent and your team stays up-to-date.

Work better together and stay connected to customers.

Broadcast presentations instantly.
Present your work to customers across the room or across town. With the new Broadcast Slide Show feature in Microsoft PowerPoint® 2010 you can broadcast your slide show directly to anyone, anywhere with a browser.

Get your e-mail under control.
Managing e-mail these days can be overwhelming. Acting as a mute button for your inbox, the new Conversation View in Microsoft Outlook® 2010 cleans up and removes duplicate information, so e-mail stays organized and is easier to search.

Bring ideas to life and empower individual impact.

Create professional materials that set you apart.
Take the quality of your work to the next level—without investing more time. The easy-to-use, powerful new video and photo editing tools in Office 2010 help you add real impact to your communications, without the expense of professional fees.

Create powerful data insights.
Make faster and better-informed decisions. With new Sparklines in Excel 2010, entire trends can be shown in a single cell to help improve data visualization and give you meaningful insights into your business processes—so you can clearly determine your customers’ needs.

What’s new and different about Office 2010?

Office 2010 features

How it works

Breakthrough technology that connects team members on a single project.

Allows multiple people to update and share a notebook simultaneously. Each person on the team can see who is working on the document online and start a conversation with that person in real time. And edits are highlighted, so you can see what’s been changed.

Conversation View
Get control of your e-mail.

Improves the tracking and managing of related e-mails while saving valuable inbox space, letting you manage large amounts of e-mail with ease. It also hides entire conversations you don’t care about and condenses them with just a few clicks.

Broadcast Slide Show
Instantly broadcast presentations to clients and team members who are not in your office.

Instantly broadcast your slides to a remote audience, who can view your presentation online and on any device that has a Web browser, even if they don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint® 2010. 

Video Editing and Formatting
Create professional materials that set you apart.

Allows you to edit videos right in PowerPoint 2010, no additional software required. You can even insert a video link from the Internet into your presentation to create rich, dynamic work but keep your file size manageable. And video controls let you pause, rewind, fast-forward, and stop audio and video content without leaving slide-show mode during your presentation.

Microsoft Excel® 2010 Sparklines
Make quicker and better-informed business decisions.

Sparklines are small charts in a worksheet cell that provide a clear and compact visual representation of your data. You can use them to show trends in a series of values, such as seasonal increases or your monthly expenditures, or to highlight maximum or minimum values.

Backstage View
Helps you quickly get to the commands you use the most and complete your work more efficiently.
Provides a single location for essential information about your document, such as permissions and version information—and increases sharing options for print, online, and e-mail. And printing is faster and easier than ever with the new Live Preview. Now you can see your document and settings automatically before you print, without multiple clicks.
Microsoft SharePoint® Workspace 2010
Keep productive on the go with a seamless offline/online experience.
Allows you to work on a document offline in SharePoint Workspace, and when you connect back online, your edits are automatically synchronized so your content remains consistent and you can keep your team up-to-date instantly.
Microsoft Office Web Apps
Respond faster and better, even when you are away from the office.
Provides high-fidelity browser-based viewing and allows you to do lightweight editing of Microsoft Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and OneNote® 2010 files.
Microsoft Office Mobile 2010
Do more than just read e-mail on your phone.
Office Mobile 2010 enables coworkers in different locations to share, edit, and comment on documents with their Microsoft Smartphones, without losing content or formatting, all within a familiar Office experience.
Microsoft Office OneNote
Stay organized and on top of your work.
Jump to anywhere in your notebooks with OneNote Search. Improved search navigation provides quick access to your information with a single click. See search results as you type to quickly narrow the selection.
Linked Notes
No more searching for your notes and important information.
As you take notes, you can automatically link to the application that you referenced, including Internet Explorer® 8, Word 2010, or PowerPoint 2010. An icon is placed in-line to indicate the referencing application.
The Ribbon
All the tasks you need are right at your fingertips for enhanced productivity.
Every application in Office 2010 now has the Ribbon. The Ribbon brings new features such as Microsoft Outlook® 2010 Quick Steps to your attention. Through the Options menu in Backstage View, you can easily create new tabs that bring together your favorite commands and groups, or customize existing tabs to fit your needs.

*An appropriate device, Internet connection, and supported Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browser are required. Some mobility functionality requires Office Mobile 2010 which is not included in Office 2010 applications, suites, or Web Apps.

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