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Experience entertainment in style.
More than a pretty face.
More than a pretty face.
Incorporate one-part style and one-part think-tank technology and you will get one stunning, all-in-one, entertainment PC. Even though A310 is as gorgeous and modern as A300, but we couldn't resist pushing the design and functionality a little farther.

How does A310 measure up to A300?
  • Better processors: up to 2010 Intel® i5™ core versus Intel® Core 2™ Duo.
  • More memory capacity - space for up to 8GB DDR3 versus 4 GB DDR3.
  • It's thinner: Super-slim 0.75" monitor. versus 1".
  • Upgraded webcam - A310 has a built-in, high-sensitivity camera with many options versus the lower-end 0.3 webcam.
  • Anti-theft device - Kensington lock port versus no built-in locking port.
  • The latest, lightest, and most brilliant LED screen versus the older LCD screens.
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Elegant trend-setter.
There was a time when terms like "elegant" and "trend-setter" wouldn't leap to mind when you thought of a PC. Rather, visions of dreary, bulky, heavy black towers and a pile cords to untangle were more likely.

Then the all-in-one came along. Possibilities for how we used PCs seemed limitless. A310 shows how far they've come.
  • Refined look, feel, and overall laptop design.
  • Beautifully simple on the outside, strong processing platform on the inside.
  • Sophisticated, glossy white finish for an updated look.
  • Single-cord design preserves its clean lines and silhouette.
  • Space-saving A310 can either blend in or sit center-stage.
  • No tangle of exposed wires to hide or wrangle with.
  • And its easy plug-and-play set up just might be its most attractive feature.
Elegant trend-setter.
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PC, TV, or entertainment hub?
PC, TV, or entertainment hub?
A310 combines all three. You can use it as a digital player or stream music or movies from the internet. If a 21.5" screen isn't large enough, pair your big screen TV with A310, sit back, watch, and enjoy. You can also connect to your speakers and stream music through them for full-bodied stereo surround sound.

Indulge. A310 proves that you don't have to sacrifice functionality for style. A310 is engineered to deliver top-performance. Get the A310 AIO PC and enjoy impressive multimedia features in a space-saving, beautiful PC.

Still not sure? Lenovo IdeaCentre PCs are built with top-quality components to keep these beauties running like new. Oh, A310 is the most competitively priced AIO in its class. Pretty irresistible, huh?
  • First AIO with 21.5" LED display.
  • Flexible display adjusts side to side and up and down.
  • Full HD support for video and audio content.
  • HDMI in/out port or superior audio and video input and output.
  • Top level HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4 graphics support enable you to experience vibrant video and high-power gaming effects.


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Interactive and fun.
Think this beautiful PC is all about looks?
Think again. Choose the model with the best specs like the highest processor and graphics options, and you'll change your mind. A310 is built to deliver a speedy, life-like, fully interactive experience. Power and good looks. Now that's a beautiful thing.

Lenovo high-sense, built-in camera and microphone.
This camera goes way beyond a typical webcam. It can captures images at a higher resolution, improves grayscale, and makes your images come alive in brilliant color. The microphone and camera bring video messaging to a whole new level and make it a lot more interesting, too.

It's is a preloaded software that allows you to explore new ways to use your camera. Some highlights:
  • Up to 16:9 HD resolution photo/video support.
  • A feature to create eye-catching UI with 3D effects.
  • Enhanced crystal-clear video.
  • Video noise reduction.
  • Auto-adjust lighting.
  • A desktop view so you can share your screen friend.
Interactive and fun.
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