Lenovo's Solutions for Education

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Lenovo believes that all students should have an equal opportunity to excel and succeed. Through our ThinkPad 1:1 solutions, each student is provided with a device.

1:1 Computing
Description: Provide equal access to education with one computer for every student
Solution Components:
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These award-winning laptops and netbooks, powered by Intel processor technology, provide a capable, level playing field for students to engage in their own education, to explore, and to collaborate with their peers around the world.

To further expand and customize each student's opportunity to follow their own interests, Lenovo partners with hardware, software and services providers including Intel, Microsoft, Adobe, SAS, VitalSource, LANDesk, Absolute, Targus, and a network of professional development partners.

An innovative approach to learning

Lenovo's 1:1 solutions provide the ideal teaching and learning environment for students and faculty. At an administration level, our solutions and products not only enable institutions of all sizes to lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), but also offer improved performance scalability and greater energy efficiency.

Technology is the key to individualized learning

Personal computer technology enables the concept of 1:1 learning by promoting individualized learning experiences and student equity, while maintaining the role of the teacher in the educational process. As mobile technology costs decrease, 1:1 becomes a viable reality for more and more schools.

1:1 PC computing is unleashing the full power of the Internet and other technologies to provide unprecedented freedom of access to individual learning experiences, harnessing technology to create an environment enabling individual technology to become a unique portal for each student and teacher, supporting unique learning and teaching experiences for both.

Based on Lenovo-supported academic research and our affiliations with groups like the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and the Consortium for School Networking, Lenovo continues to evolve its approach to offer the most effective and engaging learning solutions. Lenovo's holistic approach addresses all aspects of teaching, learning, assessment and operations including:

  • Massive Scalability
  • State and District Level Policy
  • Tax Exempt Advantages
  • Technology Refresh programs
  • Student Equity
  • Professional Development and Leadership Training
  • Performance Dashboard and Scorecard Customization
  • Reporting and Compliance for State and Federal Requirements
  • Knowledge Management for Best Practices

Lenovo technology powers hundreds of 1:1 programs around the world and we have an established a framework for the successful implementation and management of these programs. Within educational technology programs such as those highlighted in the Federal Stimulus program, our Total Cost of Ownership advantages allow you to reach more students with lower overall costs from initial notebook distribution to our green end-of-life disposal programs.

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