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Lenovo develops advanced learning environments to support the demands and opportunities of today's technology driven learning.

Advanced Learning Environments
Description: Innovative learning environments for both classroom and distance learning scenarios
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The arrival of the internet and network technology gave educators the ability to bring the classroom to the student. But it also demanded systemic changes in the way we deliver education, as well as the way we manage and evaluate both the process and the students.

New learning capabilities can speed intellectual and technological developments by educators and their technology partners. In response to hybrid learning opportunities, Lenovo has developed innovative learning environments that can be used for both the traditional classroom and distance learning scenarios. These environments provide advanced capabilities such as multimedia, screen sharing, group polling and communications, providing a rigorous and authentic learning experience, even at a distance.

Many educational institutions are now managing classrooms and virtual learning environments with Lenovo’s advanced learning environment solutions. A suite of 14 classroom management tools via Lenovo' s Classroom Director now provides control over student PCs during class time. Teachers can choose to broadcast their desktop, show individual students desktops or blank screens to focus attention. Additionally, teachers can easily conduct polling and voting, and limit the web and application functionality of student PCs in a very easy-to-use interface. Lenovo Classroom Director also integrates with Rescue and RecoveryTM and can reimage machines each day or before each class, making them ideal for mobile uses such as mobile carts and labs.

SAS Curriculum Pathways® provides interactivities mapped to five subject areas: English, History, Science, Math and Spanish with content geared for students in high schools, community colleges, and virtual schools.

Finally, students can become collaborators, podcasters, directors and artists using the Adobe Digital School Collection. Photoshop® Elements, Premier® Elements, Soundbooth®, Contribute® and Acrobat®Professional combine to provide an integrated digital media suite for students and teachers to develop 21st century skills inside and outside of the classroom. Lenovo offers special education-only pricing on the Adobe Digital School Collection and can preload the software on Lenovo Education Models, all powered by Intel® Centrino® 2 with vPro technology.

Lenovo offers full classroom solutions for educational institutions wanting to enhance teaching and learning through the innovative use of technology.

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