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ARRA legislation specifically encourages grant applicants to factor in the funding cliff, that point in two to three years when ARRA funding is complete.

Mitigating the Funding Cliff
Description: Lenovo's industry leading low total cost of ownership helps to optimize long-term investments with short-term funding.
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Consider these funds:
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For Lenovo, project lifecycle funding discipline is not just a program note, it is a core strength. Lenovo's record of Total Cost of Ownership leadership, along with our built-in productivity tools, can help you manage the funding cutoff.

Using the short term funds that the economic stimulus plan offers, school administrators need to invest efficiently for the long term. Lenovo's robust, reliable and durable ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkVision offerings provide industry-leading low total costs of ownership.

The price of a PC may be important, but its real worth comes from what it delivers throughout its entire lifecycle. The PC Lifecycle is defined from the time you create your images and distribute your PCs, through the upgrade and management process, and ultimately to the end-of-life disposal and replacement process. Lenovo's focus on this end-to-end process is reflected in annual awards in recognition of its PC technology leadership, energy-efficiency and green manufacturing and disposal programs.

Quality Leadership

Times are tough. And PC customers, whether they are elementary schools or Fortune 500 companies, have a right to know what they are getting in exchange for their precious investment. A PC's price may be important but its real comes from what it delivers.

Our rigorous testing program and our ongoing commitment to innovation have resulted in steady year-to-year quality improvements. For example, current ThinkPad notebooks are by far the most reliable systems ever, as noted by a 39% reduction in repair rates since 2005*.

Our products are also built to be rugged and then ruthlessly tested to make certain they can withstand the worst. MIL-STD-810F is the test method standard approved for use by all departments and agencies of the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Lenovo puts its Think-brand products through these "Mil Spec" tests to confirm the durability and reliability that many customers already rely on to battle the elements, trek through the Amazon, and even explore the far reaches of space. Some day, your former students will be doing all of that and more.

ThinkPad, for example, comes with powerful, embedded ThinkVantage Technologies (TVT), Intel® Centrino® 2 with Intel™ vPro technology, cool and quiet thermal design, spill-proof keyboard, airbag-inspired Active Protection System, shock-mounted hard drives, magnesium alloy system frame and roll-cage implementation. And that's only the beginning.

Your Lenovo solution can start with our environmental disposal of your current PCs, regardless of their brand. Through our Asset Recovery Services program, we can potentially put budget dollars back in your pockets with cash-back on your old PCs and other technology assets. After providing computer take-back, data destruction, refurbishment and recycling, we'll get going on transforming your classroom into a next-generation learning center. And while we're at it, we could save you up to $262 throughout the lifecycle of every PC you purchase – from deployment to disposal.

Energy Efficient Performance

Lenovo products lead the industry in energy efficiency and green certifications, delivering tangible, compelling and measurable annual cost savings to education systems of any size. Minimum ENERGY STAR 4.0 efficiency powered by Intel® Centrino® 2 with vPro technology is available across the entire portfolio with every form factor. What's more, Lenovo's innovative Power Manager application can save as much as $71 per desktop per year. This easy-to-use “slider” tool provides a Vista gadget for the checking of power optimization, as well as features to remotely manage power schemes and settings of assets throughout the school. With time-based control, school staff can establish idle-downs, shut-offs and reboots on nights and weekends. Furthermore, visual indicators show when ENERGY STAR or Climate Savers standards have been achieved. Schools now have the opportunity to save on operating costs through lower power consumption.

Take the Lenovo Energy Calculator for a spin and see just how much your school can save using Lenovo desktops, laptops and monitors.

ThinkPad laptops

ThinkCentre desktops

ThinkVision monitors

  • Current generation consumes 25% less energy that previous generation
  • EPEAT Gold rated systems
  • LED backlit panels are mercury-free, 25% brighter, and 2W more efficient than LCD
  • More than 9 hours of battery life on select models
  • Solid State HDD consumes 50% less power than a standard HDD
  • ATI switchable graphics reduces power consumption and extends battery life up to an additional hour
  • DDR3 memory saves 30% on power consumption versus previous generation ThinkPad models
  • Only desktop brand that is GREENGUARD certified
  • More models are EPEAT Gold certified than with any other desktop line
  • Among the few vendors who are ClimateSavers certified
  • ENERGY STAR 4 models available in all form factors
  • ThinkVantage Power Manager technology can save up to $71** per desktop annually
  • Reduced packaging materials offer real cost savings and space-saving efficiency
  • Conserve power and cut your electricity bill by 30-60%
  • 1st mercury-free and low halogen monitor
  • 1st and only full line-up of energy-efficient monitors: EPEAT Gold rated, ENERGY STAR 5.0 rated, GREENGUARD certified
  • Made of 65% recycled material
Services for Education

Schools need to invest in PC services that will protect their investments. At Lenovo, we make it easy to wrap your entire computing solution in comprehensive care. ThinkPlus Maintenance Services offer upgrades on original warranties or maintenance service for post-warranty machines at a variety of service levels, including: depot or on-site service, one-year service increments up to four years, next-business day service, or four-hour/same-day response.

On the product level, Accidental Damage Protection is the ultimate safeguard for the ultimate education tool. This service keeps you and your students productive, avoiding costly downtime resulting from damaged laptops. Instead of filing a claim, you deal with a simple and quick repair/replacement process that ultimately lowers the laptop's total cost of ownership by extending its life and protecting the overall investment. In the event that replacement is required, data is quickly and securely transferred to a new PC.

Further peace of mind is delivered with Online Data Backup: a simple, online and secure safeguard of your school's most valuable student and staff data from accidents, operating system and application errors, hard drive failures, theft and other unexpected risks. This automatic remote storage solution for documents and data has multi-layered encryption whereby school administrators can each have their own encryption key for added safety and security.

Alternative Desktop Computing

While other alternative desktop solutions introduce complexity that create duplicate images, unique software updates and mixed IT processes, Lenovo's Secure Managed Client (SMC) avoids the complexity associated with other solutions.

SMC is a game-changing alternative desktop solution that utilizes a disk-less Intel® Core™2 processor with vPro™ technology, a Lenovo co-developed software stack and a centralized Intel powered Lenovo storage array. Although SMC comes with all the benefits of an alternative desktop solution, including free seating, it accomplishes this without sacrificing the end user experience, graphic performance or the number of desktop options available.

SMC can be deployed school system-wide. It is designed to minimize total cost of ownership and deliver a quick ROI by eliminating the need for desk-side support; it also lowers installation, moving, adding, changing, deployment and energy costs. The solution is storage-based and offers a wide array of tools for end user, image and IT management. The built-in, IT-oriented reports deliver weekly experience, client, network and printing performance data across the school system.

Let Lenovo's end-to-end product and solution planning work for you to mitigate the Stimulus funding cliff.

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* Lenovo internal data

** $71 is for US only and the cost saving based on using default settings of the Lenovo Energy Calculator comparing a ThinkCentre M58 Tower with Power Usage model of Business, Power Management Enabled against a ThinkCentre M52 Tower with the usage model of Business, Power Management disabled. Results are based on a hypothetical typical customer scenario and your results will vary. Please visit lenovo.com/save to test your own scenarios and adjust the Lenovo Energy Calculator settings to reflect your own environment. Non-desktop and some other models featured in this advertisement may not offer or support Lenovo Power Manager as a standard feature. All savings/numbers have been calculated in a presumed typical customer environment vs. using a typical out of box configuration. For more information and to see how much your company can save with Power Manager, access the Lenovo Energy Calculator on lenovo.com/save. Visual may not represent actual product. Lenovo is not responsible for any typographical errors in this advertisement