Lenovo's Solutions for Education


Lenovo's extensive line of products and solutions are ideal for ARRA grants that are designed for rapid approval and implementation.

Rapid Launch and Impact
Description: Use on-hand, in-stock products to support educational needs
Solution Components:
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ARRA grants are designed for rapid approval and implementation. The existence of many Lenovo educational technologies and solutions such as our Ultimate Academic PC, allow grant applicants to quickly assemble proposals using on-hand, in-stock elements to support a wide variety of ARRA initiatives. Because of their integrated technologies and preinstalled academic software, Lenovo's products easily embed into "shovel-ready" projects at districts across the country. Services like project planning, imaging, deployment and support further enhance Lenovo's ability to help you get the project up and running quickly. Lenovo can empower your faculty and enable them to take full advantage of new technology using its extensive network of trainers and professional development experts throughout the country.

For quick acquisition of desktops, laptops, netbooks and servers, Lenovo also provides in-stock models designed for schools, many of which can ship the same day as your order. For a complete list of these, including special pricing, please visit our Shop Now sites.