Stimulus Program Funds for Education


Under the Stimulus program, the nation's largest elementary and secondary education program (Title I) will allocate $10 billion in state-specific funds through Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to local educational agencies (LEAs).

Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
Objective: Improve student achievement in schools with the highest poverty levels
Amount Available: $13 Billion
Who's Eligible: States and LEAs
How and When: The first 50% of the funds was awarded April 1, 2009. The remaining 50% is scheduled to be awarded by Sept. 30, 2009 through formula grants.
These funds will be distributed in addition to those that are already annually appropriated to LEAs.

No different from its functionality in a healthier economy, Title I Part A will jumpstart education by supplementing state and local funding for low-achieving children (primarily found in high-poverty school districts). It will also finance the academic support programs that are often required to help disadvantaged students progress along with their classmates.

Fifty percent of the funds were made available to the states on April 1, 2009 based on states´ existing approved ESEA Consolidated State Applications. The remaining funds are expected to be awarded by Sept. 30, 2009, upon states’ submission and review of additional information on accountability and reporting activities.

Three billion dollars will be allocated under the Title I School Improvement grants and awarded by the Department of Education beginning in the fall of 2009 to improve school performance. The grants will be made to State Educational Agencies (SEAs) who will in turn allocate funds to LEAs. SEAs will give priority to LEAs that: (1) serve the lowest-achieving schools; (2) demonstrate the greatest need for such funds; and (3) demonstrate the strongest commitment to ensuring that such funds are used to enable the lowest-achieving schools to meet specific progress goals in school improvement plans set out in the Act. To be eligible to receive Title I School Improvement Funds, the LEA must have one or more schools identified for school improvement, corrective action, or restructuring.

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