Our ultraportables take the prize.
In 2008, Lenovo ultraportable notebooks were judged to be the top four in the world. And, we’ve gotten much better since then. — PC World, August 2008

Your new ultramobile office warriors may never leave the building.

While the small size and light weight of ultraportable notebooks are important to traditional “road warriors” who carry them “to and through” rental cars, airports, hotels and customer locations – workers in your home office may carry their notebooks more miles in the corridors of your home office as they move from floor to floor and meeting to meeting every day of the year.

As they move between cubicles, floors and home office buildings, or opt to work at home, the “office warrior’s” need for features like connectivity and battery life are not much different than those of your field support or sales forces. Your valuable business information is also constantly on the move with the new office warriors and therefore potentially exposed to security threats. In fact, the perception that business information is more secure in or near the home office can make it more vulnerable than the road warrior’s ultraportable notebook which is often perceived and therefore afforded more protection as the greater threat.

The X series: The ultimate business weapon for “office and road warriors”

In the Internet-based, global business environment all distances are virtual and equal. A few feet away is not significantly different from a continent away when it comes to supporting the notebook needs of each employee or managing a fleet of notebooks.

Lenovo builds our X series ultraportable notebooks specifically to deal with the challenges of the new “all mobile workforce” environment. Our ultraportable notebooks were designed to support the modern mobile business and professionals who are continuously on the move and may be located anywhere in the building or on the planet.

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