Utimaco® + Lenovo™ = Great PC Security
Utimaco and Sophos combine as the industry leader with a wealth of security experience, merging encryption, endpoint protection, and network access control expertise. The combined expertise and integration will bring all the protection, support and return-on-investment benefits of managing security and compliance through one expert company.
Encryption & Data Security Solutions
SafeGuard solutions provide the encryption and full data protection you need, regardless of the size of your organization. SafeGuard Enterprise® our modular, multi-layered endpoint data security combines encryption and data leakage prevention (DLP) for a comprehensive enterprise solution. While SafeGuard® Easy and our other stand alone products also provide the ideal starting points to help you with your encryption and data protection needs.
SafeGuard® Easy - your first stop for full hard disk encryption
SafeGuard® Easy is the most robust security tool in the industry, yet is virtually invisible to the end user. Because SafeGuard Easy encrypts and decrypts on demand, users will never be interrupted. SafeGuard Easy offers the largest feature set in the industry, including secure hibernation, secure wake-on-LAN, and TPM integration — making it the most successful and widely used full hard drive encryption software package on the market today
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SafeGuard® Enterprise - encryption and data security for the enterprise
Protect your confidential information and comply with regulatory mandates — safely and securely — with SafeGuard Enterprise, the comprehensive modular information protection platform.

SafeGuard Enterprise enforces consistent, transparent, centralized policy-based encryption and data security for PCs and mobile data in mixed environments. It does this with multi-layered endpoint data security that combines encryption with data leakage prevention (DLP). Built on standards, SafeGuard Enterprise is centrally managed from a single console and has the most flexible central policy and key management functionality available today.

SafeGuard Enterprise is comprised of seven modules, and is centrally managed by the Management Center console, included in SafeGuard Management Center.
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