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Windows� 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience - Enhanced Experience PCs for business: fast, built for business, secure. Simplify your life More media, more places Work from anywhere Safegard your work
PCs with Windows 7 boot up faster than many other operating systems. But a Lenovo Enhanced Experience PC for Windows® 7 is even faster to start up and shutdown — up to 57% faster boot times and 5 second shutdown times — than systems running Windows® XP or Windows Vista® and non-optimized Windows 7 systems.*
Built for Business
Experience optimal manageability, connectivity and security functions, thanks to new hardware and software innovations:
  • Robust, energy efficient systems with the most powerful processors and new Multitouch with SimpleTap on select systems.
  • Work anywhere with long battery life and a wide array of connectivity options: 11n WiFi, 3G Mobile Broadband and 4G WiMax, managed by Access Connections.
  • Audio/video conferencing, made possible with a light-adaptive 2MP camera, digital array microphone, high-quality speakers and optimized for MS Office Communicator.
Access Connections Power Manager
Access Connections Power Manager
Get self-encrypting drives (SEDs) that protect confidential data plus powerful tools for password management, fingerprint access, anti-theft protection and more.
ThinkVantage Toolbox
Enhanced Experience PCs For Consumer
Faster, Richer, Easier
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Enhanced Experience PCs
IdeaPad U150
IdeaPad U160
IdeaPad U350
IdeaPad U450
IdeaPad U450p
IdeaPad U460
IdeaPad U460s
IdeaPad U550
IdeaPad V360
IdeaPad V460
IdeaPad Y450
IdeaPad Y460**
IdeaPad Y550
IdeaPad Y550p
IdeaPad Y560**
IdeaPad Y560d
IdeaPad Y650
IdeaPad Z360
IdeaPad Z460
IdeaPad Z560
IdeaCentre A300
IdeaCentre A600
IdeaCentre A700
IdeaCentre A710
IdeaCentre B300
IdeaCentre B310
IdeaCentre B500
IdeaCentre B505
IdeaCentre B510
IdeaCentre K300
IdeaCentre K305
IdeaCentre K320
IdeaCentre K330
Lenovo G450*
Lenovo G460*
Lenovo G550*
Lenovo G560*
Lenovo H220
Lenovo H230
Lenovo H305
Lenovo H310
Lenovo H320
ThinkCentre A58
ThinkCentre A63
ThinkCentre A70z
ThinkCentre M58
ThinkCentre M58e
ThinkCentre M58p
ThinkCentre M70e
ThinkCentre M75e
ThinkCentre M90
ThinkCentre M90p
ThinkCentre M90z
ThinkPad Edge
ThinkPad L412
ThinkPad L512
ThinkPad R400
ThinkPad R500
ThinkPad SL410
ThinkPad SL510
ThinkPad T400
ThinkPad T400s
ThinkPad T410
ThinkPad T410s
ThinkPad T500
ThinkPad T510
ThinkPad W500
ThinkPad W510
ThinkPad W700
ThinkPad W701
ThinkPad X100e
ThinkPad X200
ThinkPad X200s
ThinkPad X201
ThinkPad X201s
ThinkPad X301
ThinkPad X200 Tablet
ThinkPad X201 Tablet
ThinkStation C20
ThinkStation D20
ThinkStation E20
ThinkStation S20
*HD graphics support systems
**RapidDrive is an optional feature on Y560 and Y460
Look for the Enhanced Experience logo on our products in stores, or the EE icon next to our Enhanced Experience products throughout the site.
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* Improvement claim is based on testing Windows 7 machines of identical configuration, one machine without any optimization and the other optimized.

Data based on boot and shutdown times of XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7 on indicated systems. Performance will vary over time depending on other software installed which may adversely affect the startup process.

Sample comparison:
Before Enhanced Experience — Think T400s system integrated with Window-7 Professional beta, hardware device drivers, utilities, Lenovo and 3rd-party software as of January 2009 with no optimization performed by Lenovo.
After Enhanced Experience — Think T400s system integrated with Window-7 Professional RTM, hardware device driver, utilities, Lenovo and 3rd-party software as of September 2009 after optimization by Lenovo engineers to integrated software components.