The speed of innovation Lenovo Workstations Power North American Eagle
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World's fastest land speed vehicle
To power what may be the fastest vehicle on the planet, the North American Eagle (NAE) team relies on some of Lenovo's most powerful technology: ThinkStation D10 workstations and ThinkPad® W700ds mobile workstations.

Lenovo workstations let the NAE team push design innovation to the extreme in their attempt to break the land speed record—over 800 mph—this summer.

Innovation overcomes challenges
To overcome speed, safety, time and resource challenges, the NAE team needed an innovative solution. They turned to the D10 workstation. With state-of-the-art Intel® Xeon® 5400 Series processors and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics, the D10 helped increase design time, reduce testing costs, keep safety first and turbo-boost the vehicle’s performance. The ThinkStation D10 injected some predictability into navigating volatile conditions for a land vehicle, including speeds up to Mach 1 and temperatures approaching 2000 degrees F.

High-performance technology
The North American Eagle team uses the Lenovo workstations for all aspects of the car design, including analyzing the air flow around the vehicle fuselage.
The team uses the ThinkStation D10 workstation for engineering design, data acquisition/analysis and on-the-go collaboration. To ensure prototypes of wheels, breaks, steering and suspension are developed on schedule, the NAE team counts on the D10 running software from Geomagic Studio, Verisuft and CATIA .

When you're breaking the speed of sound, wheels, brakes, steering and suspension are paramount.

  • World’s fastest automobile wheels – Safe up to 950 mph and designed using CATIA V5 and Finite Element Analysis software
  • Patented braking system – Unique, noncontacting magnetic brake design that holds up at 1800 degrees F, developed by the NAE team using CATIA
  • Precision analysis – Film footage analyzed using Adobe® Production Premium software to redesign the suspension systems, wheels and parachute deployment mechanism

The NAE team knows the power of collaboration. Thanks to exceptional ThinkStation horsepower, there's no need for constant access to a mainframe computer, even for complex engineering tasks. The team can even collaborate virtually!

Lenovo workstations
About NAE
Owner and driver Ed Shadel created the North American Eagle in 1998 by converting a 1957 Lockheed F-104 Starfighter jet into a vehicle capable of breaking the sound barrier. The NAE team retrofitted the fuselage by adding wheel and brake assemblies—systems that need to perform safely at incredible speeds and temperatures. So far, NAE’s record stands at 400 mph. The world record is 763 mph, held by a British team.

"Creating the world’s fastest vehicle requires innovative design, and that challenge can’t be overcome without the use of a powerful workstation, like the ThinkStation workstation," said Ed Shadel. "We got results in minutes by using CATIA software on the ThinkStation D10, making it a perfect design hub for redesigning parts, evaluating large and complex assemblies, running analysis and assessing multiple designs quickly to save huge amounts of engineering time."
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