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Gail Emms
Name:  Gail Emms
Hometown:  Bedford, England
Age:  30
Team:  Great Britain Badminton Mixed doubles
Hobbies:  Hockey, cinema, yoga, shopping
Gail Emms (paired with Nathan Robertson) captured a silver medal in the Badminton mixed double finals at the 2004 Athens Games and is currently ranked No. 1 in the International Badminton Federation ranking system. Gail has won five national titles in mixed doubles and four in women�s doubles. Last year, she won the All England Championship and China Open in the mixed doubles with Nathan.

Career Highlights
  • World mixed doubles champions at the 2006 World Badminton Championship in Madrid.
  • Won the Badminton Mixed doubles
  • Won Gold Medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games
  • Runner-up - All England Title in 2006
  • 2006 Winner - Swiss Open Title (mixed doubles)
  • 2005 Winner - Copenhagen Masters (mixed doubles)
  • 2005 Winner - China Open Title (mixed doubles)
  • 2005 Winner - Hong Kong Title (mixed doubles)
  • 2005 Winner - All England Title (mixed doubles)
  • 2005 Winner - Swiss Open Title (mixed doubles)
  • 2004 Silver - Athens Olympic Games (mixed doubles)

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