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Markus Deibler
Name:  Markus Deibler
Hometown:  Biberach, Germany
Age:  18
Team:  Germany Swim Team
Hobbies:  PC, reading, eating, sleeping
Markus, the younger brother of Steffen Deibler and one of the most promising talents in Germany, has already won several competitions and unexpectedly qualified for the Olympic Games. His target for Beijing is to improve his results during German Championship, get into the German 4x100m free style relay and set a new German record in 200m individual relay. In the long run he will certainly establish himself in the world's top league.
  Career Highlights
  • German Champion 200m Individual relay with German record
  • Member of the German Swim National Team for the Olympics

  • German Champion 200m Individual relay on short course
  • European Champion with 4x50m Individual relay on short course
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