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Emanuel Rêgo
Name:  Emanuel Fernando Scheffer Rêgo
Age:  35
Height:  6'5"
Weight:  180 lb.
Partners:  Aloísio, Zé Marco, André, Loiola, Pará, Tande and Ricardo (from August, 2002)


Career Highlights
  • Gold medal at the Athens Olympics 2004
  • Nine-time champion on the Worldwide Circuit (2007/06/05/04/03/01/1999/97/96)
  • Gold medal at the 2007 Pan American Games, Rio de Janeiro
  • Six-time champion on the Brazilian Circuit (2006/03/02/01/1995/94)
  • Two-time champion at the World Championship (2003/1999)
  • Olympic Brazil Award 'Vôlei de Praia' (Beach Volleyball) (Brazilian Olympic Committee - 2004/2003)
  • 'Rei da Praia' (King of the Beach) (2005/04) and 'Rei dos Reis' (King of Kings) (2004)
  • He played in the Athens Olympics 2004, Sydney Olympics 2000 and Atlanta Olympics 1996
  • Elected the Century's Last Decade Athlete by the FIVB (Volleyball International Federation)
  • All-time leader in wins on the Beach Volleyball Worldwide Circuit
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