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Adam van Koeverden
Name:  Adam van Koeverden
Hometown:  Oakville, ON, Canada
Age:  26
Team:  Canada Sprint Kayak
Hobbies:  Cliff jumping, mountain biking
Adam started canoeing at the age of 13. After six years on the National team, he established himself as a serious medal threat last year at the world championships when he won the silver medal in the men's K-1 1,000-meters.
  The Burlington, Ontario native was also one of three finalists for male athlete of the year at the Canadian Sport Awards this past spring. Adam is a Kiniseology major at McMaster University.
  Career Highlights
  • 38 time Canadian Champion
  • 16 time World Cup Champion, including 6/6 this year, undefeated in 2007.
  • Won Gold at 2004 Olympics in K-1 500-meter race and bronze in K-1 1000-meter race.
  • Canadian Athlete of the year, 2004
  • Valedictorian Graduating class of 2007 - B.Sc. Kinesiology, McMaster University

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